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Poem: Soul to Soul by Luvleeh Poetiklocks

He shows me his heart without words

and coming from a poet that means the world-

Having your heart beat hold a conversation with the rhythm of love

It’s mesmerizing

Every time I tried to figure out cupid

He had a funny way of sending me on a chase

This time he aimed and took out my heart

This hand grenade heart of mine exploded

Left me with no familiar pieces, so I no longer needed

a reason to figure out what love is

When u have nothing to pull from

You must start again


Learn anew

Try a new way

And it did… it came… in the kiss against my pineal gland.

In the gentle touch of his fingertips against my waist line

He finds beauty in the glitches of my matrix

He makes lines like stretch marks across my belly with slow licks

as though sugar has spilled in my curves

He yearns for my sweetness

I crave him… the same.

I can feel his stare upon me even in absence

I draw closer on his presence

I drown in his luminescence

He is the light I’ve sought in darkness

I never thought I’d make it through this tunnel of despair

I forgotten what pain can be

He heals me.

He fills me.

I can’t control the motion of my emotions

I’m rolling through his passion

I need this high

This fix-

Shoot into my veins

A mix of infatuated lust and unspeakable love

I implode

Overdosed on his

Heart, an arsenal of pleasure

This is what it feels like to penetrate your dreams

And become one with your lover…

Ignite me.

Insight me.

Invite me into this unknown world

Show up willing to teach me what it is to be seen

To breathe… To exist fully

Capture my soul.

My eyes see strength- in how strong you stand to your word

The unspoken poems

The silence I always feared

I welcome now

For the one thing I was always running from was my own truth

The belief that love needs no name

No introduction

No how to instruction

But two hand grenade hearts

A blank canvas

And the art of seduction

The beat of tomorrow without words

A conversation about love

Soul to soul

love annihilated when my chest exploded

love itself is sustainable

It is here, I understand the way he speaks to me…

It is here I understand I can let it all be

In his smile I find peace

Being in love

Is letting go of everything

(c) 2016. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.


Prelude To My Night

‎”Prelude to My Night”

A day of solitude, 
rests upon the eve 
as I watch my night 
become ever prevalent 
in my journey towards 
The sun… 
hiccups across my window 
blinds patting the slow escapes of golden light
and somehow- I am reassured 
that this life I live… is just
what my ancestors wanted…
that I “finally get it”
that even as the darker clouds pass
trying to mask the sun’s rays with gloom
I find even more reason to smile…
because light…
always recognizes light..
even in darkness…
Maybe… just maybe 
this is way I smile.Image

Poem: Allergic To Tears

*Allergic To Tears*

Salty streams of my heart
Seep through the tiniest pores
Causing blood to fill the whites
Within my eyes…

Puffiness forcing them closed…
Nose slowly running..
As if racing my tears to the ends
Of a swollen face

The winds howl against
The window pain
Tall pine trees dodging
The whipping breeze

Cutting the silence
Like my wails…
For there is nothing else I can do
When my mother’s screams

Pierce the night,
Her wounds deep to her bones
Battling over a year
With diabetic ulcers

I no longer have patience
For complainers
When I am forced to smile
To be strong

To hold down the joy
In front of strangers…
When behind doors…

These tears pump from
My system; systematically
In tune with her neuropathy

Shooting pains like knives
Stabbing through each nerve
And you tell me you know pain

Try- being allergic
Allergic to better days
For fear they’ll never come

Allergic to the fake ass people
Who don’t come around or call
When she’s at her lowest

Yet see her and act like love
Is all they ever had
When I know how much it hurts

Her…more than the sleepless
Nights tossing…turning
Pain taunting…

I’m allergic to silence
Because it holds her cries

I’m allergic to love
Because it’s filled with lies

I’m allergic to trying again
Because I hate failed attempts

I’m allergic to these tears-
Because – they never

Seem to wash away the deep
Rooted pains
That form my core

I’m allergic to poetry
because it’s an outlet that keeps
Giving…but folks
Don’t find it worthy of a career

Funny thing about that-

I rather swell from a poem then
Live life without spoken words

I lost the point of this piece
Side effect to allergies

So- I’ll end it here…somewhere
Between my heart…
And the last fallen tear

Hoping if I wipe
My face fast enough
The swelling will subside…

(C) April 2012. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.

The eyes will always return to their purest state after the release- so cry out the pain.

The eyes will always return to their purest state after the release- so cry out the pain.

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”