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Poem: Mother (2)

Three children sit at the mahogany dinner table

Legs too short to reach the ground

The sun skips through the blinds

The fish tank hums in the corner

Rainbow gold fish swim rapidly


Mother sits tall

Construction paper and glue sticks

Dance around coloring pencils

Smiles bounce of each other

Music coos in the background as 45’s spin


School is out

But house camp has started

Mascot chosen

This year flamingos take flight

Each child draws their depiction of the pink bird


Feathers cut from tiny paper scraps

Mother, she nods in approval

Satisfaction in her response.

“Good job babies”

Arts and craft time ends,


Lessons begin-

History lessons and recess

Playground becomes a fort

Hostages near the stone circle…

Save the gi joes and barbies


Covered in brown dirt

Soiled linens crawl through the grass

Scrapes on knees and elbows dry from rough play

Siblings finding their way back to the back porch in time for lunch

Wash hands and freshen


Cant open the fridge until clean

Mother laughs as each child runs to the bathroom

On the second story

Of the home… noisy

Glass door slams as last child lingers.


Midday in Summer always changes

Though each day stamping itself

Into the hearts of Mother’s harmony

She sings a lullaby

Places the last piece of bread on top of the bologna


Light mayo, no crust…

Children rush the table again

It is here they break in prayer and devour a half days work

And play…

It is here that the teachings are given


And mother is proud of her young.



Poem: Soul to Soul by Luvleeh Poetiklocks

He shows me his heart without words

and coming from a poet that means the world-

Having your heart beat hold a conversation with the rhythm of love

It’s mesmerizing

Every time I tried to figure out cupid

He had a funny way of sending me on a chase

This time he aimed and took out my heart

This hand grenade heart of mine exploded

Left me with no familiar pieces, so I no longer needed

a reason to figure out what love is

When u have nothing to pull from

You must start again


Learn anew

Try a new way

And it did… it came… in the kiss against my pineal gland.

In the gentle touch of his fingertips against my waist line

He finds beauty in the glitches of my matrix

He makes lines like stretch marks across my belly with slow licks

as though sugar has spilled in my curves

He yearns for my sweetness

I crave him… the same.

I can feel his stare upon me even in absence

I draw closer on his presence

I drown in his luminescence

He is the light I’ve sought in darkness

I never thought I’d make it through this tunnel of despair

I forgotten what pain can be

He heals me.

He fills me.

I can’t control the motion of my emotions

I’m rolling through his passion

I need this high

This fix-

Shoot into my veins

A mix of infatuated lust and unspeakable love

I implode

Overdosed on his

Heart, an arsenal of pleasure

This is what it feels like to penetrate your dreams

And become one with your lover…

Ignite me.

Insight me.

Invite me into this unknown world

Show up willing to teach me what it is to be seen

To breathe… To exist fully

Capture my soul.

My eyes see strength- in how strong you stand to your word

The unspoken poems

The silence I always feared

I welcome now

For the one thing I was always running from was my own truth

The belief that love needs no name

No introduction

No how to instruction

But two hand grenade hearts

A blank canvas

And the art of seduction

The beat of tomorrow without words

A conversation about love

Soul to soul

love annihilated when my chest exploded

love itself is sustainable

It is here, I understand the way he speaks to me…

It is here I understand I can let it all be

In his smile I find peace

Being in love

Is letting go of everything

(c) 2016. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.

Poem- Call Touba: Never Enough Time by Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Call Touba: Never Enough Time

The few minutes it takes to call him
And only have a limited time
Spent 4 minutes trying to hear him
Spent 3 minutes trying not to cry
He made me laugh…
His only concern was that I had the instructions
For a much needed spiritual bath…
I just wanted to talk…
But my thoughts ran rapid
So no words came out…
Every time the silence hit
I thought the call dropped
Once- it did…
And I was mad… that I had to call back
And be reminded that I had 6 minutes left…
6 minutes to express my dying need to have him near me
5 minutes to tell him ‘I love you’
2 minutes to send my affection to our family
1 minute to clarify any misunderstandings
And 30 seconds to find peace in the farewell
I miss my husband.
I sleep in his t-shirt every night
Hoping that by chance we’ll meet in our dreams
And I’ll feel his embrace just as tightly around my body
As his t-shirt clings to my curves
I wear his body oils
As if the scent of his love would somehow
Transform my mind to believe he’s just in the next room
I kiss his picture nightly and at the dawn of each new day
Wondering why he never smiled in the first place,
But grinning at his truthful response
“I was distracted…” and that’s what I’m left with
All these distractions that try to altar my daily routine,
That my husband- is 4 hours ahead of me
So maybe he feels everything I feel before me…
Before I get a chance to say ‘Talk to you soon’
He’s calling- texting; letting me know how hard it is to be without his wife
That at night…
He fights to stay asleep so badly
That his sleep pattern has turned into quick naps
Tossed in sheets
I don’t know where to go anymore…
I just know that preparing for this was much more erratic than experiencing the reality
That we have no control over his return
No control over the rug burns left from praying
That Allah watch over us.
That fear, not get the best of us
That our love- be greater than our distance
And somehow… when the ocean waves come to a stand still
He’ll be returned to this side of the shore
Ready to continue this thing called life together.

(c) August 2013. Leandrea Hill. All Rights Reserved. No duplication without consent.

* We are never too far apart~*

Freewrite: Wave of Affection

Step into the Atlantic
Feel the ripple of my Western wave upon your toes
As sand couples you in the protection
Of my love…
May you feel the splash 
Of my heart against you…
Knowing I miss you greatly
And patiently await your return
Like a small grain of sand
Molding into a shimmering pearl
You are priceless
And I love you.

-Freewrite by Luvleeh Poetiklocks feeling the beach vibe… missing my king~‪#‎LuvleehThoughts‬


~I wrote this today and posted it on my FB status. I noticed that my time near the ocean is refreshing. I’m trying to get my toes into the ocean itself! I need to take a bit home, since I live so far from any ocean. Another thing, being here makes me feel so much closer to my hubby. I miss him so much~He’s only gone a short while but still!!! I know that we share this ocean at the moment… and even if one drop of the water that carries my love reaches him… I know he will know it’s my touch……. Feeling poetic. I may need to finish this free write. 

Well I guess I ought to get ready and head out. I know it’s still raining but that’s only the perfect blend of heaven and earth when I take in the beach front essence!


Be blessed and know no matter what- you are never too far away from your loved one!



Prelude To My Night

‎”Prelude to My Night”

A day of solitude, 
rests upon the eve 
as I watch my night 
become ever prevalent 
in my journey towards 
The sun… 
hiccups across my window 
blinds patting the slow escapes of golden light
and somehow- I am reassured 
that this life I live… is just
what my ancestors wanted…
that I “finally get it”
that even as the darker clouds pass
trying to mask the sun’s rays with gloom
I find even more reason to smile…
because light…
always recognizes light..
even in darkness…
Maybe… just maybe 
this is way I smile.Image

Undone -Luvleeh Poetiklocks


I cut the umbilical cord to my oppressors
They birthed enough pain
No longer drowning in amniotic fluid
I walk down a dusty road with wind storms of infection
My hand holds tight to my stomach…
I am hunched over, lungs gasping for air
My breath struggling to keep me alive
As I cut life support when the cord severed
I no longer need mockery; disbelief; and failure
I cling to the life worth saving…
You no longer eat for me
Breath for me
Furling my success
I am undone

Stumbling, I carry on til I can stand upright again
Snipped are the past troubles
Their nutrients no longer ruin
My rite to passage for control
Control over my course
A journey of illusions
I live outside my contusions
Bruises from words I thought could never hurt
But your words were sharp
Beating and probing my heart
I had to come out ….
I once looked up to you…
But now I see what others depredation
Can do to self deprecation
When you no longer believe their lies
The blood dries
I am undone

Feet crumbling against rolling stones
Cracked yet still carrying forward
Bearing the weight of this body
Knees crying out in soreness
Eyes squinting into the heated terrain
Deserted but never alone
Clinging to my mind
It is my only friend here
I cannot trust the thoughts of passersby
When they come in flashbacks of what once was
They are simply figments of a degraded mental
They do not exist
Mouth thirsting for water
As much as the heart desires change
And I trudge …
I am undone

(c) 2011 Leandrea Luvleeh Poetiklocks Hill. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of this work in any form without written consent of author.

Love Knows –Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Love Knows
Shimmering death clouds cover her in blackened rainbows of colorless defeat
She once brought a multitude of personality
a ménage of blues, purples, greens, yellows, oranges and reds…
But those colors are now faded like aged paintings on dusty walls of her past
She’s past the age of remembrance
as dementia covers her thoughts in distorted flashbacks of happiness…
she doesn’t know my name……..
So I sit and watch her tell stories
As she refers to me as an old friend from her youth……
I don’t correct her ….for this is her perfection
Perfect in every demented tale….
I rather see her smile then see her frail
when a frown covers in a confused state like sunless mornings….
Mood swings frightened into anger
Some days she’s give up on longevity
As she gets closer to its physicality
That life is only as long as the last breath…
Her body has changed… once youthful and strong
Carries lines rippling across her side
A twisting road to her age….
She no longer walks the same
So I carry her or rather she leans on me….
When she asks to see the porch and feel the breeze against her skin…
I will miss this….
I will miss her laughter
I will miss all she has to offer love
For she taught me the meaning of such words
So I’ll continue to write poems…
Poetic tales like her stories she leaves in my heart
Words never too far from fantasy….
Where the pyramid of her journey begins…
It’s her reality….
Cosmically crafted on dreams…
Alone we sit gazing…
Playing tag with time…
Never knowing…
Yet believing in each moment we have….
She may not know who I am some days….
But that’s ok….
I know who she is ….
So I look past her death clouds…
I know her rainbow shines…
It reflects itself inside
Holding the wrinkled hand of my lover…
Stroking the sun with peace…
I’ve known love…
For love has always known me…

(c) 2011 Leandrea Luvleeh Poetiklocks Hill. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of this work in any form is permitted without written consent from the author.