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The Magic of Sisterhood

Having never had a sister by blood, I am always intrigued at how close I have become to some of my sisters ( sister friends). We have experienced a tremendous amount of life journeys together. I am honestly grateful for the good and bad a like. Nevertheless, I find magic in having so many sisters from other misters. Stories to exchange. People to watch. All these little moments. If you are wondering what sparked this Luvleeh Doodle … well I enjoyed a day with one of my younger sisters today. She was glowing in her beautiful essence. It has been months since I’ve had the joy of seeing her but just like that I was a college girl again. We talked, we shared, we ate, we shopped… we did it all in the matter of of a few hours. Funny we live close but we rarely see each other with all of life’s demands and all. Anyway, I’m blogging because well I need a space to put all this energy and two… because there’s a magic of sisterhood tat I’ll never know by blood but oddly God blessed me we several sisters whom I can forever grow with and learn from and that… well that is just magical.



Poem: Soul to Soul by Luvleeh Poetiklocks

He shows me his heart without words

and coming from a poet that means the world-

Having your heart beat hold a conversation with the rhythm of love

It’s mesmerizing

Every time I tried to figure out cupid

He had a funny way of sending me on a chase

This time he aimed and took out my heart

This hand grenade heart of mine exploded

Left me with no familiar pieces, so I no longer needed

a reason to figure out what love is

When u have nothing to pull from

You must start again


Learn anew

Try a new way

And it did… it came… in the kiss against my pineal gland.

In the gentle touch of his fingertips against my waist line

He finds beauty in the glitches of my matrix

He makes lines like stretch marks across my belly with slow licks

as though sugar has spilled in my curves

He yearns for my sweetness

I crave him… the same.

I can feel his stare upon me even in absence

I draw closer on his presence

I drown in his luminescence

He is the light I’ve sought in darkness

I never thought I’d make it through this tunnel of despair

I forgotten what pain can be

He heals me.

He fills me.

I can’t control the motion of my emotions

I’m rolling through his passion

I need this high

This fix-

Shoot into my veins

A mix of infatuated lust and unspeakable love

I implode

Overdosed on his

Heart, an arsenal of pleasure

This is what it feels like to penetrate your dreams

And become one with your lover…

Ignite me.

Insight me.

Invite me into this unknown world

Show up willing to teach me what it is to be seen

To breathe… To exist fully

Capture my soul.

My eyes see strength- in how strong you stand to your word

The unspoken poems

The silence I always feared

I welcome now

For the one thing I was always running from was my own truth

The belief that love needs no name

No introduction

No how to instruction

But two hand grenade hearts

A blank canvas

And the art of seduction

The beat of tomorrow without words

A conversation about love

Soul to soul

love annihilated when my chest exploded

love itself is sustainable

It is here, I understand the way he speaks to me…

It is here I understand I can let it all be

In his smile I find peace

Being in love

Is letting go of everything

(c) 2016. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.

Freewrite: Wave of Affection

Step into the Atlantic
Feel the ripple of my Western wave upon your toes
As sand couples you in the protection
Of my love…
May you feel the splash 
Of my heart against you…
Knowing I miss you greatly
And patiently await your return
Like a small grain of sand
Molding into a shimmering pearl
You are priceless
And I love you.

-Freewrite by Luvleeh Poetiklocks feeling the beach vibe… missing my king~‪#‎LuvleehThoughts‬


~I wrote this today and posted it on my FB status. I noticed that my time near the ocean is refreshing. I’m trying to get my toes into the ocean itself! I need to take a bit home, since I live so far from any ocean. Another thing, being here makes me feel so much closer to my hubby. I miss him so much~He’s only gone a short while but still!!! I know that we share this ocean at the moment… and even if one drop of the water that carries my love reaches him… I know he will know it’s my touch……. Feeling poetic. I may need to finish this free write. 

Well I guess I ought to get ready and head out. I know it’s still raining but that’s only the perfect blend of heaven and earth when I take in the beach front essence!


Be blessed and know no matter what- you are never too far away from your loved one!



Prelude To My Night

‎”Prelude to My Night”

A day of solitude, 
rests upon the eve 
as I watch my night 
become ever prevalent 
in my journey towards 
The sun… 
hiccups across my window 
blinds patting the slow escapes of golden light
and somehow- I am reassured 
that this life I live… is just
what my ancestors wanted…
that I “finally get it”
that even as the darker clouds pass
trying to mask the sun’s rays with gloom
I find even more reason to smile…
because light…
always recognizes light..
even in darkness…
Maybe… just maybe 
this is way I smile.Image

Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Volume 1

Home to where I host Newburgh's Open Mic the last Thursday Each Month!

Home to where I host Newburgh’s Open Mic the last Thursday Each Month!

“With each teardrop I-
gave to the heavens; God rained
down all his blessings.”
– Leandrea Hill- Excerpt From My First Book “Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Volume 1”

Blessed morning,

I woke today excited for all the new adventures life is tossing my way. God has truly shown me that this is my season. The many years toiling over failed or unfinished projects have come to an end. I completed and now am publishing(ed) my first “real” book of poetry. I received the proof yesterday 5.10.12. (The day my Luvleeh Inks & Links contest ended!)

Previously, I self published – and I mean from the start to finish AND print- two limited edition chapbooks; that many I gave away. “L.I.P.S: A Collection of Poetry” and “Strokes Of A Petals Edge: The Chapbook”. However, TODAY I woke knowing I created something through 3 years; yes THREE LONG YEARS of hard work, crashed laptops,book title changes, editing, re-editing, contracts, cuts, adds, laughs, cries, a few relationships, a late night snack- make that two, weight gain- weight loss, new friends and old alike- and the most PATIENT FAMILY, FRIENDS AND EDITOR- (LeighLambEditor@gmail.com) I digress lol.

I woke knowing when I apply my strengths- and maintain the vision- I’m capable of doing all I set my heart/mind to in life. People always said I should write a book, but I was always unsure or fearful how it all got done. I researched, asked questions, got a couple mentors, and just WENT FOR IT!

I must say- This- THIS MOMENT right HERE- feels Oh SOOOOO Good. I have crossed over into the world of Published Writers. My book soon to fend for itself on the bookshelves across this world! I feel like I’m letting my baby fly for the first time; trusting it to soar through the literary world receiving critiques and appraisals…but best of all- being received. I look forward to the book signings, the book fairs, the interviews and more. It’s what I was destined for when I said yes to being a writer/poet.

To all those who stuck with me- I love you. “Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Volume 1” by Leandrea Hill is officially HERE!

Still Spreading Unity Through Poetry-

Peace Love & Poetik Enlightment,

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill

Author Leandrea Hill

Author Leandrea Hill

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”

Poem: Living Things

“Living Things”

She is I …
I am him…
He is we…
Us is them…
Yes…we all create a greater being
By trusting- believing-living-seeing (2x)

It doesn’t take much to take a step back
To look at ourselves as one being
Though color and creed may differ
Though species and gender may too
Trust-We are still a part of a greater world

Each breath that makes Earth turn,
Brings us closer to a universal love…
Inhaling Peace, Exhaling Respect
Expanding our minds and spirits
Like lungs to the subterranean
As though it were grasping hold of passion…

Believe-A truth that is brought
From kissing stars
From watching the Sun walk
From Moons that dance
From Planets that beat
To a drumming sound; majestic feet
Beyond the core of man or beast

She is I …
I am him…
He is we…
Us is them…
Yes…we all create a greater being
By trusting- believing-living-seeing

The smallest vibration
Creates the greatest tsunami
Reflecting the relation of man or beast to earth
We are intricate pieces to universe
Sharing unity throughout each source
LIVE-Turn hatred to love;
Use energy to recognize
Every element that makes us uniquely
Is the same beauty
That makes us significant
We all control the course to relevance

SEE-Elevating beyond statistics and systems…
The code to life is inside living things not numbers
Those decide fates of classism…
Because no one represents those who are speechless
Creatures of the abyss
Those whom we don’t acknowledge til
They alter our existence
Hear this…

Together we are…
More whole some than hearts moving
Inside ribbed cages
But free is not the man who walks amongst others…
Free is the man who knows others walk amongst him…

She is I …
I am him…
He is we…
Us is them…
Yes…we all create a greater being
By trusting- believing-living-seeing
(c) 2011 Leandrea Hill. All Rights Reserved

Seeing Life with a New I’s

Today marks a new day. The first of the month but a few days past my 25th birthday! I have come so far from the little girl I once was to be this woman I am today. I am setting up this sight to better connect with the outside realm. Most importantly, I am writing this blog to release much of which I’ve held inside for the past 25 years. I do hope that by being honest I am not offending anyone I love~for I plan to talk about family, experiences and more. I plan to bring in my poetry as well. I know I titled my blog~Poetik Rendezvous~that is because with me you will find an array of things that make me who I am ~like Poetry~ the one thing that drives my passion to live!{that and God} So that being said! I welcome you to Luvleeh’s world! A place where you enter the mind of Leandrea Hill.

I have finished the first 25 years of my life and I am looking to the next!I am healing the wounds of the previous lifetime and focusing on the dreams of the future all while continuing to evolve from my present state. I no longer see things as victim and villian {thank you acousticallure and jujumama}

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightment~