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The Magic of Sisterhood

Having never had a sister by blood, I am always intrigued at how close I have become to some of my sisters ( sister friends). We have experienced a tremendous amount of life journeys together. I am honestly grateful for the good and bad a like. Nevertheless, I find magic in having so many sisters from other misters. Stories to exchange. People to watch. All these little moments. If you are wondering what sparked this Luvleeh Doodle … well I enjoyed a day with one of my younger sisters today. She was glowing in her beautiful essence. It has been months since I’ve had the joy of seeing her but just like that I was a college girl again. We talked, we shared, we ate, we shopped… we did it all in the matter of of a few hours. Funny we live close but we rarely see each other with all of life’s demands and all. Anyway, I’m blogging because well I need a space to put all this energy and two… because there’s a magic of sisterhood tat I’ll never know by blood but oddly God blessed me we several sisters whom I can forever grow with and learn from and that… well that is just magical.