Taking Time for Me

It’s been a long while- life has taken its course and I’m sitting here. I sit looking back ot 31 years of life as I transition to yet another phase in the coming months. 32! I thought by now life would have taken me in a whole different direction of course … I discovered the truth… fairy tales are just goals accomplished and although I’ve worked hard and done a lot I am still in need of much work. I am finally taking time for myself. I still give back to others and find moments to make sure others are ok… but I can’t let life slip by any more.

This being said… I got back into Spreading UTP ( Unity Through Poetry) I am working on yet another book after publishing my 2nd book in May. I am pushing my website LUVLEEH.com. I paint more… I have fallen back over the past 2 years with creating jewelry. I plan to return soon. Hip HArt went well last year but I’m deciding to try something different this year as submissions are low and the majority of the year is closing in. I celebrated the release of my freedom this year… yet I still haven’t discovered how to truly embrace being free.

I’m no fancy blogger and I’m a decent writer … a great poet and a blessed author… I am finding new reason to embrace me… slowly… I just can’t let things keep building up anymore. That being said, this rant is just my way of saying I’m back… Back on being me… yeppers.



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