Being Friends With An Ex Yes OR No?

Should new bf/gf control who you are friends with? I just lost a very dear friend of mine because his new girlfriend feels he should not be friends with 1) any females and 2) any exes. I sadly fall into both categories. It’s very difficult ending the friendship because of her insecurities and quite frankly, I find it to be so past paradigm. 

We are clearly in an age where some people still fail to handle their personal issues. They continue to try and control everything and everyone around them. This is SO unhealthy. I know I was like this once.  This friend of mine and I were connected for a long time he saw me through some rough experiences. In the end , we as a couple were not good- but as friends we had a serious bond. There was no intimacy or any of that. He opened up from his old way of thinking to see you can still be friends with your ex no matter what caused the breakup. ( which for us was a difference of spiritual beliefs and parenting.) 

He told me his new woman erased all the females in his phone. *ROFL* and then told he proposed. *Raised eyebrow* So- he proposes to a clearly unstable individual. I didn’t know what else to say. So I said, “Well out of respect I will end our bond. It hurts me to do so because you are a very good friend of mine. One I’ve told my husband about despite all. Congrats on ur engagement. I’ll be deleting you after this. I’m sorry your new gf has a closed mind. God bless.” Yeah probably not what he expected. I know why I don’t open to so many people now- lol. I guess he’s just one who allows his woman to control him. *shrugs* I can’t fault him for trying to be a good man. I applaud him. I just hope in time they seek healing together. Otherwise… it can be a very lonely life.

To think a man cannot have friends or conversations because his woman raids his space. That is not trust or honesty at all. The funny thing is I told him I’d talk to her. I don’t care that she is insecure. These things that people do to others for their own gratification truly kill me. 

With that I sign out today asking… Should you be friends with your EX – yes Or No? & Why or Why not? 


One thought on “Being Friends With An Ex Yes OR No?

  1. My Dad spoke to me about this very topic a few times, and his stance is as follows:

    As much as he enjoys his female friends, he understood fully that the letting go of friends of the opposite sex is necessary so that the relationship has a genuine chance of success. My mother agrees with this process.

    30 Years later, my parents are still married because of this line of logic.

    As hard as it is, it needs to be done. It is an Old School way of thinking, and Old School OFTEN works, no matter how difficult it is to accept.

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