Poem- Call Touba: Never Enough Time by Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Call Touba: Never Enough Time

The few minutes it takes to call him
And only have a limited time
Spent 4 minutes trying to hear him
Spent 3 minutes trying not to cry
He made me laugh…
His only concern was that I had the instructions
For a much needed spiritual bath…
I just wanted to talk…
But my thoughts ran rapid
So no words came out…
Every time the silence hit
I thought the call dropped
Once- it did…
And I was mad… that I had to call back
And be reminded that I had 6 minutes left…
6 minutes to express my dying need to have him near me
5 minutes to tell him ‘I love you’
2 minutes to send my affection to our family
1 minute to clarify any misunderstandings
And 30 seconds to find peace in the farewell
I miss my husband.
I sleep in his t-shirt every night
Hoping that by chance we’ll meet in our dreams
And I’ll feel his embrace just as tightly around my body
As his t-shirt clings to my curves
I wear his body oils
As if the scent of his love would somehow
Transform my mind to believe he’s just in the next room
I kiss his picture nightly and at the dawn of each new day
Wondering why he never smiled in the first place,
But grinning at his truthful response
“I was distracted…” and that’s what I’m left with
All these distractions that try to altar my daily routine,
That my husband- is 4 hours ahead of me
So maybe he feels everything I feel before me…
Before I get a chance to say ‘Talk to you soon’
He’s calling- texting; letting me know how hard it is to be without his wife
That at night…
He fights to stay asleep so badly
That his sleep pattern has turned into quick naps
Tossed in sheets
I don’t know where to go anymore…
I just know that preparing for this was much more erratic than experiencing the reality
That we have no control over his return
No control over the rug burns left from praying
That Allah watch over us.
That fear, not get the best of us
That our love- be greater than our distance
And somehow… when the ocean waves come to a stand still
He’ll be returned to this side of the shore
Ready to continue this thing called life together.

(c) August 2013. Leandrea Hill. All Rights Reserved. No duplication without consent.

* We are never too far apart~*


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