Freewrite: Wave of Affection

Step into the Atlantic
Feel the ripple of my Western wave upon your toes
As sand couples you in the protection
Of my love…
May you feel the splash 
Of my heart against you…
Knowing I miss you greatly
And patiently await your return
Like a small grain of sand
Molding into a shimmering pearl
You are priceless
And I love you.

-Freewrite by Luvleeh Poetiklocks feeling the beach vibe… missing my king~‪#‎LuvleehThoughts‬


~I wrote this today and posted it on my FB status. I noticed that my time near the ocean is refreshing. I’m trying to get my toes into the ocean itself! I need to take a bit home, since I live so far from any ocean. Another thing, being here makes me feel so much closer to my hubby. I miss him so much~He’s only gone a short while but still!!! I know that we share this ocean at the moment… and even if one drop of the water that carries my love reaches him… I know he will know it’s my touch……. Feeling poetic. I may need to finish this free write. 

Well I guess I ought to get ready and head out. I know it’s still raining but that’s only the perfect blend of heaven and earth when I take in the beach front essence!


Be blessed and know no matter what- you are never too far away from your loved one!




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