Poem: Gifted by Luvleeh Poetiklocks



Mothers… sing to your daughters

Sweet melody of Africa

Teach her the beauty of her sweet land

Each curve, a reflection of 54 countries

One for each link to her divinity

Show her that she is the embodiment of joy

Teach her to carry her head high and strong

That power does not come from her sex

But that which defines her all

Black – each mosaic color that portrays her tone no matter how fair

Embellishes her brown with each shade

For her melanin is the metamorphosis of worship

Blessed is she who loves self, as she does God

No boundaries for success

Her wealth is defined by her creativeness

Her mind the keeper of ancient secrets

Wisdom, the bosom of righteousness

She is sacred…

Daughters, dance for your mother

In honor of her trials…

For she labored for your happiness

Grow, nourishing on the words of her love

Create generations; washed in the Nile’s basin…

Cleansed of Strife and oppression

Trust that tomorrow will bring new fruit

Wrap yourself in fibers woven by your ancestors…

Continue to build…

Knowing Kings visualize you as their queen

To sovereign the royal family

 Let us rejoice;

Smile for changes to come.

See the difference in why you stand apart

Know you are chosen;

Respected for your immense abilities…

And that when you laugh;

The earth trembles

And when you cry

The earth floods

You are the key to this world…

It is time you recognize your gifts.

(c) Copyright Aug. 2013. Leandrea Hill. All Rights reserved. No duplication of this post or it’s contents without consent.


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