A Poetic Luvleeh Thought For Latoure

Today is not guaranteed

Because it wasn’t promised yesterday…

That we’d see the sun set on sweet horizons

Beauty –

Beauty never gets a chance to grow old…

When smiles are mosaic in the wrinkle of your hello

Knowing it was your last goodbye…

Sang tunes in night clubs filled with laughter

and timeless bonds,

you remind me to embrace my loved ones

no matter how far- you have now gone…

Your life will always be remembered-

Never Forgotten.


A Small Message to Latoure- 

The news of your passing really hit me hard. Although our time together as friends was minimal- your impact was large. I enjoyed singing and joking with you as friends should. Karaoke was just a night- but it was full of memories with all who attended! May God watch over those you left behind. May those who’ve gone before you greet you with open arms. Inshallah- we will meet again.

Love always,

Leandrea~ “Lee”


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