Luvleeh Thought: Love those who love not!

There is a lot I need to say- but honestly every time I try to vent I erase it all. Maybe it’s something I need to leave to the notebook… or maybe it’s just my heart crying for someone I love.  Either way- I know the only way to get through anything is to LOVE those Who LOVE NOT… This is what Allah/God/Creator has taught me through every single obstacle. Forgiveness is good too- Not to get all preachy- but the ones who sparked this write b/c of their selfishness……… I forgive you. I forgive what you’ve done to my loved ones. I forgive you that you are so heartless and bitter that you choose to share it with the world. May your wounds one day heal- may your eyes one day see… may your heart one day beat again to LOVE those who do you no harm.


Feeling a bit better- Sometimes it’s just the little moments of release that bring complete joy. Sometimes it’s just knowing that “this too shall pass” and God’s got me… With that being said- I give thanks for growth and strength. Allah- God-Creator… Light does come from darkness!! IT STARTS WITHIN!


This is truly a Luvleeh Thought.


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