Poem: A Barron High Point Liar Pt 2

To A BARRON High Point Liar pt 2


Your lies no longer beat me to the ground.

You no longer have a hold on my heart.

You may have deceived your current woman

Lynching her

with your kind gestures and what nots…

But truth is…

I never wanted you

after we ended…

You said, if I gave you my heart again

You would leave her…

Sadly, she never even knew you were here

with me… just an hour away

You were hiding like you always do

Sadly- she is in love with you…

Because she has yet to know your truths…

Came and supported your grandmother’s passing

All the while you tresspased on her heart

I can talk for days about those things

but what will it prove… we’re apart

I just hope she can see you

before her last breath

is lynched…

and a child sits motherless…

because like me…

she chose to love you …

even in your deceit.

I can’t reach out to her

though I apologize for any hurts…

when you lay with me across

sacred floors

never knowing I was sacrificing my own

to try an appease

your manipulative touch

You say F*** YOU

because I didn’t return the love.


(c) 2013. Leandrea Hill. All Rights Reserved.

To me Ex Fiance B.D. May You Find Happiness. 


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