Letter to 2013

A Letter to 2013:

The moment you entered my life, I knew I had made it through another awesome year. I never thought that I could do all the things that I did. I learned more about me then than ever… I became my own person. This being said, 2013, I plan to continue to grow with you. I am open for new experiences. I am open for growth. Together I can be stronger, give back more, love harder, laugh louder and longer- with you… the possibilities are endless. Well until 2014- then I will move on… but until then I pray that you be kind to my heart, firm with my spirit and most of all protect that which makes me who I am…. so 2013… I’m saying all this to say…I trust you. I trust that all those who will enter and /or exit my life will leave a gem in it’s place. I trust the lessons that are to come. I trust myself, my crafts, my abilities to heal self as well as others. I trust my faith. I trust the Spirit within me. I trust my happy moments. I trust I will recreate the sad. 2013, it’s you and me now… there’s no more looking back… We got this… The universe makes no mistakes… so let’s not {{miss our take}} on enjoying this life!!! Ashe! Beautiful 1/1/13 – it has begun.

Leandrea Hill 
Renea Nuru
Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Acknowledging self, spirit, and the artist within…
{{{Feel the vibration}}}


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