Sweet Charlotte


Yes you beautiful.

I look forward to spending
the next phase of my life
with you… yet again.
I told you
I believe in second chances.
So for you
I give my heart.
Please don’t waste it.
I have forgotten
why we parted
the first go round…
or choose not to rememeber
either way…
I’ve healed
from those cold nights without you.
I long for your touch again.
I long to embrace your curves…
I long to taste you…
your scent
sweet cornus florida…
still lingers
on my conscious…
Lips needing to be reminded…
take me… as I have grown.
Become a new…
as have you…
I have watched you from a far
and I must say…
You Charlotte,
You will always be my first love.

(c) 2012. Leandrea Hill. All Rights Reserved.



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