Poem: Dear Insomnia

Dear Late Night Not Letting My Eyes Close Insomnia, 

I was wondering 
if I could have my sleep back.
You wrongly stole it 
while I wasn’t looking.
You confused me 
with your subtle approach.
Broken sleep now 
has nothing left to break.
I’m stuck here…
Watching the moon float by 
and the sun rise.
You think this is something I should appreciate.
You kidnapped creativity through my pen….
So my paintbrush started to speak.
You got upset
about my my ability to switch so easily…
So you took my canvas from me.
Not realizing 
I can create with anything given- me.
So- back to the sleepless nights 
you have haunting me…
Why are you so obsessed with my thoughts…
So much so you leave me empty…
Thoughtless…. thoughts… 
What the hell is that…? 
That… is the irony of insomnia…
It takes away… but then it gives it right back…
Creativity that is…
now can you be so kind 
as to return my sleep.

A Poet Who Seriously Needs To Be Sleep.

(c) 2012. Leandrea Hill. All rights reserved.


One thought on “Poem: Dear Insomnia

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