Poem: Want List

*Want List* 5/7/12

I want my hair
To interlock her fingers
Like woven baskets of my lust

I want all straps
To be tightened
With every thrust

I want breasts to bounce
Against my back as we
Inverse our passion

While I bend on my knees
To receive each blessing

I want her wet to drip between
My thighs, as if her rain-
Creates my ocean-

I want fluid motion
No holding back

I want moans;
Teeth nibbling my side;

I want twisted areolas
In darkened rooms
Of hot water springs

I want her-
To sing

In 18 different languages
As she tries to break barriers
Towards love

Building upon Rosetta’s stone
With her diamond- see we
Only create gems;

Precious as the moment
When lips collide against
Soft flesh
Reddened from
Heavy hands smacking;
Lickable spaces

These places that draw
My mind-
Where conscious thought
Becomes blind

I’m sublime-
We master- bate
Our slow wind

Fishing deeper…into our love
Hooking like reverse cowgirls
In waist deep rivers

I want- her-
But she’s so stuck in her past-
I can’t create this future…

So, I suck my bottom lip staring
Hoping she catches a glimpse
Of me caring…

So whips and chains
Can start blaring
Night rendezvous
And I can teach her lessons
Of love making

When dildos start vibrating
In the same rhythmic motions
Of my foreplay-

My tongue
Leading the blood flow;
I must say-

With slow rolls…
Her curves I must know-
See, this beauty-

Is fuller than
Full moons on clear nights…
Nothing skinny for me-

She sets thick to an
A thesaurus needed
To better comprehend

Chase words, like I do her walk
Damn- she’s such a tease
And I just want to please…

I just hope sooner than later She’ll notice me-
Cuz these dreams-

They are taking me out
From getting sleep-
I want –
Back shots before cuddling

Home cooked meals
For breakfast

After staying up all night;
Her body I’m studying

Rubbing soles
As we rub our souls

I want her pains to be my own
Carried inside my heart

I want- this woman…
But … All she wants is to run

So- I spit to yall hoping she’s listenin’-
But ’til then my fingas glide
To my pulsating drum
And beat out
The songs that cum…

So easily when
I speak her sweet name-
I came.

(C) May 2012. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


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