Poem/ Painting: The Man In The Mirror

Knowing your authentic self; and accepting it.

Knowing your authentic self; and accepting it.

*The Man In The Mirror*

My reflection doesn’t lie
Every time I focus my eyes
I see my authentic self
He looks a bit like my ego
Strong bold and handsome
Unlike the delicate soft beauty
I feel when my fingers grace my skin
I am a woman-
On the outside
A man within…
But my lips don’t part long enough
For the world to hear my whispers
That cold night sweats
Draw out the fear of dreams
That if, I wished upon a star before sleep,
I would wake
Transformed as a man
Identity forged into the sand
For as soon as my first waken breath exhales
I’m back to being female
A body that lies to me
For only a semi truth lifestyle brings out the best in my subconscious reality
I guess God does slip up…
He got side tracked in the process of cloning
Adam’s Eve-
And Eve bore herself a new reflection…
Adam was trapped…eve-n-lee
I suppose…
As my own rib molded my soul…
Spirit trapped in duality
Love men- Love women
Live as woman- Long to be man
Shunned by my own
For identifying…
Living in secrecy…
But each day I stare into my mirror
And ask the question
Who within is the authentic one of all?
A man appears with curves like my own
A voice vibrating octaves below
A build much thicker and toned
And a brow a bit wider than truth…
He replies…
staring into the real world’s
image of a woman-
As I smile- the reflection smiles too…
Though encased in the female body… I know my root…
He- has always been…
My authentic truth.

(C) April 2012. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.

The poem inspired the title of the painting; although the painting came first. -Luvleeh

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


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