A Luvleeh Thought: Love Is…

“Love is… Patiently waiting for your heart to know what your spirit already believes. You are worthy of every aspect it has to offer your life.”- Leandrea Hill

I find that chasing love will only make love run. When you stand still going through life, just as you should, KNOWING you are worthy of it… Love will come. I went through a string of relationships and dating lately… only to find out… The love I give myself is God like, so why would I settle for anything less than that when allowing love in. Make sense? Maybe this is just another Luvleeh Thought ramble but maybe it isn’t… either. People always question love; some even place Lust in the Love category… but when I look at Love I know… I am worthy of everything it has to offer. That alone… is worth waiting for… so for Love I’ll wait… Loving me more daily.  I know it’s how I attracted some amazing people into my life. Though a committed relationship didn’t fully develop, some amazing friendships and business opportunities did, for that alone I am grateful- and I love them for it. If you have given up on love, try to set aside your fears or anger and let Love – Love you… starting w/ you Loving YOU!

Be blessed all.

Just a Luvleeh Thought.

Spreading Unity Through Poetry

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment,




2 thoughts on “A Luvleeh Thought: Love Is…

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