Poem: Broken Glass

*Broken Glass*

I don’t want
her heart encased in glass
Where it appears to be

Everything I’ve desired
Only locked away
From me –

To experience its pumping life
Into our future, I can’t help
But admire its structure

Deep abrasions
That only the eye can detect
With close examination

She must have had triple by pass
Three times knowing love
Three times broken heart

Clogged with
One sided love affairs and Moments left unanswered like

Did I love to hard
Or not enough
Over worked
Or under appreciated

Questions mimicking
The society we live in…yet
I’m still staring…

At this glass covered heart
Afraid to shatter it
For the slithers of glass

May pierce the one vessel
I long to never hurt
Especially in its fragile state…

I would give my own
In order to replace
Though I too reap scars

From pressured escapes…
Running from past mates…
She doesn’t see that-

Only my strength…
So I ask her… why not let
The glass be replaced-

My loving hands to embrace…
I’d – carry it gently

To heaven’s gate asking angels To guide it for God’s sake-
For God blessed me with a love -She will take…

But only if the glass is broken.

(C) April 2012. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights reserved.

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


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