Big Slim-Life On The Edge: An Exclusive Interview w/ A Bodyguard

Big Slim working w/ at risk teens, while maintaining a normal life.

Big Slim working w/ at risk teens, while maintaining a normal life.

Exclusive Interview 2012:
* Bodyguard: Life on the Edge *

When was the last time you did something thrilling?

So often we like to live life on the edge; seeking thrilling adventures and daring ourselves to see the world, in fast forward with a slice of danger. These are moments such as sky diving, skiing, snow boarding or speeding. However, very rarely do people look at the lives of the silent risk takers as dangerous or living life on the edge. They go unheard, sometimes unseen and we feel safer knowing, subconsciously, they’ve somehow secured our safety. These silent risk takers are our security guards, bouncers, and bodyguards.

These men and women put their lives on the line to protect and serve their community on a daily basis. Though many may not notice them, we all know who they are- those big tall men with the black suits or security attire; a stern glare and an unwavering voice that matches there equally dominant strength. The women aren’t too far off, but I’ll get to that in another blog ;).

I had the privilege of meeting one of these extraordinary risk taking bodyguards, who has seen much of his life on the edge- protecting those around him. He took me on a journey through his career and what it’s like to protect for a living. Though a little different from what the description gives, this man packs a weapon and a smile… matching the passion he has to protect and still be a gentleman on the job.

So, while speaking to him over the phone, I got to dig a little deeper into this 6’3 440 lb protector- known as Big Slim!

The following is the exclusive 30 minute interview with Big Slim:

Luvleeh Poetiklocks: What do you do for a living?

Big Slim: Work with at risk teens.

LP: How many years have you been a professional bodyguard?

BS: 25 yrs

LP: What inspired you? How did you get started?

BS: When I was 15 years old, I went to a night club and a fight broke out. The owner saw how I handled it (breaking up the fight) and gave me a job based on my customer service/care.

LP: What is your favorite experience to date?

BS: Working Summer Jam with Sisqo.

LP: What sets you apart from the rest?

BS: Customer Service and Respect

LP: Is there an artist you would like to work with?

(After some thought that there are many great people to work with…)
BS: Lady Gaga at the moment.

LP: Can you disclose some of the clients/artists you have had the privilege to work with?

BS: Chubb Rock, (The Late) Heavy D., Phyllis Stinkley, Shabba Ranks, Garth Brooks, The Black Expo, Angela Bassett, Danny Glover and Wu-Tang (to name a few.)

LP: Do you work with every day non celebrities?

BS: Yes

LP: Do you have a business of your own?

BS: No- I work for myself, but I have access to a client’s needs.

LP: How does this job affect your personal life?

BS: Very low key, (I) maintain an every day life from out the spotlight.

LP: Have you ever been scared for your life or had to question your safety over your client?

BS: Absolutely

LP: Do you carry a weapon? Have you had to use it?

BS: Yes and Yes

(I got a little chill at that point! Guess I’ll stay on his good side out of trouble!)

LP: What do you do to bring awareness to fans to keep them and the artists/clients safe?

BS: First, (I) have to patrol the area, speak to all involved. Thoroughly check all doors and exits and secure them. I have to know the entire location, it’s a lot. Whatever the artist wants (also), but the first part is a must to secure the building; full knowledge of all promoters and workers working the event.

LP: Where has your job taken you that you enjoyed? Where is the strangest place you’ve gone?

BS: I’ve seen the United States-but the strangest … Clubs you didn’t know exist back in the woods- deep in the woods, it was the scariest experience, it’s hard to secure such places.

LP: What is the most unique event or reason you had to work?

BS: A hair show in Atlanta. Very organized.

LP: What are your limits- if any?

BS: I will not get involved in a situation unless I know I will come out on top. If I know I’m gonna lose, I’ll definitely back off.

LP: Being that it’s Women’s History Month, what are your views/ thoughts on women in the field or as female bodyguards?

(With passion)
BS: We need more women to step up to do security and bouncing because of the laws…because there are a lot of things we (men) cannot do.

LP: Do you have advice for men and women looking to get into this field?

BS: (You) definitely have to have your mind and heart right. Even though I survived 25 yrs, it’s not guaranteed for anyone else.

LP: How can artists/ clients reach you for service or consultations?

BS: or (919) 423-2796 any time.

LP: Any comments or shout outs?

BS: Very big shout to Big Daddy Kane. Big shout out to Wu-Tang Clan, Judah Priest, Buddha Monk and King Myers… And of course you!
(Yep that’s me folks!!!)

So, seeing how passionate this man, Big Slim, is about his career, he’s not just a bodyguard!! Just think, he is this passionate about working with his at risk teens as well, which must remain confidential.

In all, there is nothing slim about the hard work and years of service Big Slim continuously provides. He is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. Your safety is like that of his own. He is the man you want silently “risk taking” the background, so that all is secure and operational on the forefront. Be sure to contact him today for services, don’t go another day wondering should “I be protected”, that alone- is living life on the edge.

Peace, Love and Poetik Enlightenment,
Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill

Poet, Artist and
Owner of Luvleeh Inks & Links

Doing his job thoroughly!!!

Doing his job thoroughly!!!

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


2 thoughts on “Big Slim-Life On The Edge: An Exclusive Interview w/ A Bodyguard

  1. One thing about this man that after writing this blog made me realize— throughout all his 25 years of service and all the celebrities he’s worked with— he still remains humble. That is definitely respectable. Thanks again Big Slim for the interview!!!

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