LPOTW: Demetrice Prince

Author; Poet ; Writer
@DPrinceWrites and @TheMadnessNLove

Author; Poet ; Writer
@DPrinceWrites and @TheMadnessNLove

Who is this week’s Luvleeh Poet Of the Week?
Mr. Demetrice Prince- Author, Poet, Avid Writer- Husband and Father of 3. This man takes love and takes his readers on a 3 book series journey with “My Reflections In Time”. The first part of the series,”The Madness In Love” is now available on Nook; Kindle; and as Microsoft Word and PDF Downloadable Versions. These links can be accessed through his site (www.demetriceprince.com), while the second and third books in the series will be released later in 2012: “Darkness In The Light” and “Pages From Life”.

How is this Luvleeh Poet defined?
Demetrice Prince is every man, the epitome of normalcy. His shining light is his will and skill in the world of writing. He’s been writing creatively since the tender age of 10. He started with short one page action/adventure stories, those stories then evolved into scripted plays. High school brought him more than just a new closeness to adulthood, it also brought discovery. It was in high school that he found his love of poetry. The love of poetry grew over the years withstanding the tests of times, and guiding him through the trials and tribulations that life threw at him. Through poetry he has been able to find out just who he is while becoming a man on many words.

Below you will find excerpts from 3 of his poems in his newly released book “The Madness In Love”.

“…No one knows what her heart truly desires
But I would crawl across the sands of the Sahara to find out
I would give the universe just to see her heavenly smile
And keep her heart content
I am only a dreamer who looks to the constellations for guidance
With hopes of one day proving myself worthy…”

A Lover’s Story
“..If this is a mistake on my part
I’ll move on and never again express the feelings of my wooden heart.”

You got it all twisted.
Everything I do is for you.
I believe that every man has a destiny, and you are mine,
But you keep closing the door on me…”

Like what you read so far?? I know I did while experiencing the writings of this poetic love journey. The pieces written in his high school years still resonate through us even years later- a connection he feels is greatly important as a writer.

So, this concludes this weeks Luvleeh Poet of the Week! Know of a poet you’d wish to spotlight on Poetik Rendezvous then please email luvleehpoetiklocks@yahoo.com to contact me directly.

Interested in contacting/ ordering the books of this weeks Luvleeh Poet:

*Demetrice Prince*

Email :demetriceprincewrites@gmail.com
Twitter: @TheMadnessNLove or @DPrinceWrites


Peace Love & Poetik Enlightenment,
Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks”Hill
-Poet, Artist & Owner of Luvleeh Inks & Links-

Demetrice Prince

Demetrice Prince

“The Madness In Love” By Demetrice Prince

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


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