Intuitive Vibes

I am privileged to announce that my “sister” Tameeka Burris, has officially launched her website/ business “Intuitive Vibes”. The site,, is just as amazing as her practice. She is a very exquisite young mother with a heart of gold. I am pleased to see her successful. The following are my experiences working w/ Ms. Meeka:
I have dealt with spiritual and emotional awakening/awareness for four years now. I decided I wanted to seek out self growth; understanding and draw closer to God/Higher self. I found that in order to step forward, I had to allow the universe to guide me and to be receptive of the positive vibrations. I also learned to acknowledge WHY I was feeling these emotions/changes. I learned this while under the guidance of Ms. Meeka.
Our first experiences relating were built on reflection- what I attract is within me-so what were the lessons. She did some meditative healing work on several areas of my life including my relationships w/ men and how it stemmed from my youth and relationship w/ my father. In that moment, I learned ultimate forgiveness. She did EFT work, which we recorded to improve my courage with public performances. (Which to this day still works!!) Ms. Meeka most recently did a card reading where I was able to better accept some of the things in my life. I had created blockage with them in the past- instead now I’m using them to create new emotions/ experiences and more.
Her work is phenomenal! I would recommend her to anyone needing guidance/ growth or clarity. Her readings are accurate and filled with knowledge, love and light. I now fully accept who I am; where I’ve grown; no longer allowing anything to block me from experiencing the spiritual awareness, I now know and love—, simply by opening up my heart.
Most importantly, Ms. Meeka- lives the lifestyle she shares w/ others. I feel in order to help others one must know self- she surely knows who she is…thus her work reflects this daily. Ms. Meeka always says to go back and “remove the residue” if I must. I see this in her every time she evolves. I like to read the two quotes Ms. Meeka gave to me on this journey as a reminder…to be receptive. She said:

“If you enjoy the process, it’s your dream…if you are enduring the process desperate for the end result- it is someone else’s.”
“Don’t worry about the how; just know what you desire and the universe will set up the rest.”

With this being said- I thank her and hope you too can experience the beauty of self awareness (or anything which you seek) through her practice. I am sure you are curious by now with how to reach Ms. Meeka, please click the link and schedule your consultation today!

Leandrea J. Hill
Poet, Artist &
Owner of Luvleeh Inks & Links

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


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