Spreading Unity Through Poetry: Spotlight Starz Beyond Nation 2.15.12

Starz Beyond Nation

Starz Beyond Nation

Greetings all it’s WED SUTP Spotlight Day!

My FB group “Spreading Unity Through Poetry” originally under “Unity Through Poetry”; which is still available for viewing; brings together artists and professionals from all genres and forms. Here we are able to support each others works; events etc. We post links for art; writings; dance; photography; jewelry- you name it. I started this group to bring unity among the artists and their supporters. I truly believe we can all be successful if we work together promoting our separate endeavors and remaining supportive. This can be in word of mouth; re-posts; attending events; purchasing products and more. So, to further expand support of SUTP or UTP as many refer to this movement – I’ve brought back “Luvleeh’s Poet of the Week” in a new improved form- “SUTP Spotlights”. I’ve opened it up to all members/genres/forms of artistic expression to spotlight the individuals they feel we should know about in the artist collective. So, once a week (or as often as possible) we spotlight folks making big impacts in the (artist)community.

This week’s spotlight is a group of young men by way of Poughkeepsie, NY known as “STARZ BEYOND NATION”. They are the epitome of talent when it comes to the lense- they have “that all seeing eye for creativity”!

Their mission: “to bring you the best in quality videos @ an efficient rate. Ranging from Music Videos to Commercials to Photography and photo shoots. (They) are here for your Media Entertainment needs @ competitive rates.”

Feel free to check their website http://www.StarzBeyondNation.com; join their FB page https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=180157358726157&v=activity&refid=17; or to book directly email: booking@starzbeyondnation.com or call 347 431 5290.

They are truly a dynamic group of professionals who know how to deliver quality work! I honor them today as my SUTP Spotlight recipients 2.15.12.

If you enjoyed this post and have a FB or Twitter accts please feel free to join Spreading Unity Through Poetry and follow @UnityThruPoetry.

If you are in the local Newburgh, NY area join us for Newburgh’s Open Mic where Unity Through Poetry is key to meeting new artists and supporters the Last Thursday each month @ The Wherehouse 119 Liberty St. It’s a great venue w/ amazing food and ppl!

Peace Love & Poetik Enlightenment

Luvleeh Poetiklocks

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


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