Just Letting Thoughts Dance

Greetings all!!
Lately, my thoughts take me in and out of emotion dipping into my heart as if— letting my mind in… would give understanding to my actions. I’ve fallen in love- I’ve lost love- chased and ran from love- for what? I question so much when I see myself dancing upon heart strings in search of something greater. I’ve realized more than ever I can’t force myself to love those whom my heart cannot let in… It’s silly! It hurts both I and the other involved…. I know I’m being so general in my freewrite at the moment …but it’s these moments where such soundness comes in understanding. I’m ok with being alone in love…Loving me as I am- I can’t chase or run from that truth. Being in love with me- allows for continued growth… Honestly I think having my brother get married; having my previous relationship end;valentine’s being manana- is just putting me deep into my emotions…and my mind is trying to figure out why— happiness comes from peace of mind… And maybe just finding peace in self love will make me happy……yeah maybe.
A Luvleeh Thought
Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment
Luvleeh …<3

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


2 thoughts on “Just Letting Thoughts Dance

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