Poem: Phoenix Heart

“Pure Love” painted by Leandrea Hill 2/1/2012

I got told I love too hard
That storms come because I enjoy the rain
That thunder mimics my heart song
And that is why I long for pain
But I respond its rain which waters my love
And thunder which pounds the pain…
Allowing me to be reborn in love again…
I don’t wallow in misery I love and let free…for my heart shall never be
A prison to anyone…
I don’t believe in bondage
I don’t believe in strife
I do believe in loving deeply
And passing it on in life…
Yet when hard days come and I cannot find release…
I burn up my feelings for those burn up me…
My heart it starts from ashes…
Angelic tears shape its internal joys
From pain and loss of love I find I have deployed
So mark my words and keep them safe
I do love beyond myself…
If that will draw me closer to God
Only time shall tell…
But deep inside I know the truth
And it keeps me sound
Inside my phoenix heart
Continuous immortal love is found.

(c) Dec 20 2011.Leandrea Luvleeh Poetiklocks Hill. All Rights Reserved.

“Spreading Unity Through Poetry”

“I am Renea Nuru. Reborn Light.”


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