Poem: Silent Betrayals

Silent Betrayals

The heart cries
When the soul weeps…
Silent tears
Covering smiles
Like glistening pearls deep below the ocean’s surface

The womb cries
As walls fall
Destroying any blockage
Of passion
Not holding back the pain
Of past lovers
She spoke and was healed
By his touch

…Not knowing she was sacrificing
Her self love
For his lust…

She bites back her tongue
Not expressing that she hurts
Forcing said smile
In stormy nights
Forging day into darkness

She is covered in a black cloth
Shielded by mischievous wonderment
That love …love never knew her
So she searched…

Snaking her blood into the veins of her lovers…
Hoping they too would return
Such a depth of commitment
But lies…

Lies only sound good between moans
Like his manhood piercing between her thighs
… she feels
An orgasm
Speaks longevity
When it lasts as long as her cum pours from her dying womb
And his semen
Ejaculates across her heart symbolic as breasts carry the weight of his burdens inside her rib cage

Imprisoned by a crying soul
That only longed to be held
She found wholeness in a dream
And lost love in a scream…
Repeatedly giving into horrors
Marked against her skin…

That told her she was happy- never knowing love.

(C) Feb. 2012. Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.


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