We Are All Mentors

Today’s Thought: “We are all Mentors”
“My actions teach as well as my words.”-LJHill

I often find we forget that our actions do more teaching than our thoughts do. Why? because sometimes we may say one thing but do another! That being said be mindful that each day you go out and enjoy yourself in your lil world… that your lil world teaches the next generation! Take time to share your gifts with them, encourage them to be their greatest self. This is not just in words but in your actions- take them out to see the world too!!! Last I checked museums, art galleries, plays, dances still go on — encourage your youth to live. Take a child to a concert —that may be out of their norm- they’ll appreciate you for it later b/c you are teaching them to embrace CULTURE! A lil story: my mom for the first 10 years of my life was an Off Broadway actress starring in countless plays & musicals from Nun-Sense to Ain’t Misbehavin’ & more! She took us to EVERY last performance- we met all sorts of ppl famous & not…but it taught me to embrace the arts & people! So today…and for the rest of your days- be mindful that your actions teach as well as your words do. Create your greatness daily~
Luvleeh Poetiklocks
FB Group Creator for “Spreading Unity Through Poetry”~ Feel free to comment here or inbox me(FB: Luvleeh Poetiklocks) with any questions or ideas for how you too can give back to others through your actions! Remember the youth need you…they are not lost!


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