Verbal Illustrations

*Unity Through Poetry’s Verbal Illustrations” was a 110% SUCCESS in Newburgh @ La Vida Garden~! Special thanks to Bettina Gold Wilkerson- for her poetry& donations, Sergio Valentin aka Park Truth & Park Sound- music/& real hip-hop,Janea Everhardt-poetry,Novist Poet-poetry,Iam Blessed-poetry & donations,Chante Coppedge-poetry,Michael White-painting, Readnex Poetry Squad-donations, Urban Farm‘s League-for use of garden, Vern-making the garden beautiful morning of event, Kim- coming & helping out”keeping the garden green!”,Mr. D. Hill-advice,Mama Hill-face painting, Mrs Loretta-watching all the kids!& sharing poetry,Rita’s Ice- Italian Ice Donation, IM A POET- food, Tiffany of Poughkeepsie– canvas for plywood , R.E.A.L. Skills of Poughkeepsie -Tree Arrington- sternos!,LOWE’s– plywood, Luvleeh Inks & Links- organizing & donations, Newburgh’s Open Mic- Support/Donation, Adam’s Fair Acre Farms- gift card, Walmart-water, McDonald’s– juice bowls, cups& juice, Coach Bowles-grill & generator, Michael my impromtu Grill Master!, Chef Allen for feeding my guests & “staff” , Price Chopper- gift card, (Christian, Carter, Calvin, Camron, Christine,}- Urban Farmer’s Youth assiting in set up and clean up, Kam- poetry, C-J-poetry, Lady Dee-hiphop/poetry, Jess–poetry, Unice-music/poetry,All the community youth & parents that came out to enjoy the day and sign up for open mic! …..You are all the reason why these types of events can help change a community …by sharing in unity…Let’s be sure to come out again next time! For those of you who missed out… stay tuned we’ll be bringing more in the future.(((We’ll need your support too!)))

Man so many highlights of the day but here are a few:

-Face painting was done by Mrs. Hill

– seeing all the youth and a few adults with designs from flemingos to stars!

Classic was the young boy w/ Unity Through Poetry “paint tatted” across his chest lol!

-The amazing amount of ppl who signed up for the open mic

– McDonald’s Happy Meal incentives!;)

-The amzing lineup of poetry talent from the features and those who graced the mic!

-The young girl “Antoinette” Whipping her hair back and forth with me!!! lol

-Seeing old friends…making new ones!

-The kids teaching me how to Jerk & Dougie lol

-Park Sound & Park Truth Djing & bring the hottest music for the day!

– The explosive number of parents spending quality time w/ their kids!

-Rita’s Italian Ice showing up & serving the youth /community!

So many thanks… So many moments… ! God bless! Keep Spreading Unity Through Poetry… check out the group page “Spreading Unity THrough Poetry” for more!


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