Poem: Harlot’s Dreams

Reader Discretion: This is my first real attempt at trying to write a sestina. I was unsure that the poem would unfold as it did… it guided me…Comments are surely welcome…corrective criticisms even more! – Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Harlot's Dream

Harlot’s Dreams

She wears a guilty conscious around her neck

It chokes her airways to never let her forget

The hearts she let slowing beat to death

Every Mother’s day they haunt her dreams

As though suicide would ease her screams

Abortion was her drug of chose it seems

Obfuscating this nefarious woman seems

Too easy to do when her charms are about her neck

The names of her unborn children are screams

So loudly even her lovers cannot forget

She stares into her distorted dreams

A mirror of her living death

The only life her offspring had were in their own death

Living each day normal as it seems

Afraid to sleep because of her own dreams

Scratchy and worn are the areas around her neck

For failed attempts at taking her life in order to forget

No one knew the torment she faced nightly when she screams

Unfulfilled by the choices that caused her screams

Desiring to reverse the cries from every last death

Yet when she closes her eyes, the blood she cannot forget

The light that blinded her in the office seems

To be her only hope of forgetting the clasps severing each neck

Headless corpses gnaw inside her dreams

Nightmares fornicate; penetrating this harlot’s dreams

Whoresons ululate; echoing wicked screams

No protection from the attacks; like umbilical cords around her neck

Surrendering unto her coming death

As she is forsaken by the devils, her control seems

To be what she now is able to forget

She sleeps with men each night buming in forget

Her obligations are no longer to live her dreams

Giving up on life is truly how she seems

Dark streets mutilate the rats in screams

Whores discard newborns to meet their death

Garbage bins shift trash suffocating their neck

The manumission seems  to allow her to forget

She ties the noose around her neck  just like she saw in her dreams

She hangs herself silencing the screams  Her babies bringing her to death

Copyright (c) April 2011. Leandrea Luvleeh Poetiklocks Hill. All Rights reserved.

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