Reflecting On Mothers

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Thanks to Tonia’s Basket Faze ((( I was able to enter her giveaway contest for a $25 Gift Certificate for purchase of a Basket… We were asked to post a childhood memory of our mothers… this is what I wrote.. I wanted to share it with you all.  Upon finishing I would love if you would post your own response to the memories you have with you mother or mother figure. Thanks for the love.

I posted the following:

“I remember my mom always providing the important things when we were young… From Science projects to meals… we may not have known where they were coming from but she always seemed to pull everything we needed out the sky…. She always made life a musical… being a prof. singer & actress in my youth… She took us across the nation to see her perform… she taught me the value of creativity. She used to have “Hill’s camp” every summer it was me & my two brothers… we would pick out a mascot & colors you name it. She would take us around to museums or events parks you name it! Although we had to go through those days/ nights w/o like lights or even water after my parents parted…. we still found time to laugh… I never saw these things as a struggle. She made me enjoy life. My mom was the mom to all the kids in the neighborhood, heck the town I lived in b/c she was the music teacher to many of them & their parents. Our friends always had a place to stay if they had no where to go… I remember her selflessness… even as an adult I find that she has not changed. She is still as giving today as she was then. She still knows the value of love… and family. She still goes without so we can have…and I am honored to call her mom. One memory I have in particular my mom wrapped our whole Christmas in foil…and mailed it to us from wherever she was performing…. and on Christmas day she flew in to surprise us with a “tinsel” surprise! She even went out and made prints in the snow to make it seem like Santa flew her home …the works! Oh and how can I forget the birthday parties!!!! Every year my mom would make the INFAMOUS Candy cakes for our birthday & throw us a house party inviting the entire grade level!!! She would even throw them at the local Pizza Hut ((which as a kid is fun!)) She would have all these games and we’d bug out! ( Check my throwback pics for those memories 😉 )You know Tonia… I appreciate you having this section… b/c honestly it’s always nice reflecting on the memories I share with my mom… “Mama Hill” is an amazing woman…I’m glad to call her my mom & best friend! * Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!”

Check out her site or her group page on FB for updates on what she has going on. Support your local businesses they keep your communities striving.

Showing love to all mothers…

Peace Love & Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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