She Moves Again : Poem

Below I’ve attached one of the five poems I shared at the International Women’s Event @ CIA where I opened for KJ Denhert. It is titled She Moves Again

She Moves Again

She moves again/ Cross her desert sand
She builds the land/ Across the hearts of man
Watering her soul/ With tears she cries for them
When will she know/ The rain she pours can send
Happiness again

The sand storms of brokenness, blind her on her path towards home
The place she left long before her youth knew it was innocent
She wandered across terrain, looking for the man who never was a father
So, her footprints tattoo the desert as she searches
Forgetting to begin with her heart

That the scars she felt
Against her wounded heartbeat
Were guiding her straight to her own destiny
Long since carved out of her dreams
Breaking the spell against her curse-ed ways
Learned activity from mother’s uncaring strays…
She needed love…
As she sat on the peak of a sand dune
Her tears dried before they ran from her eyes
Particles of an eroding heart painted her face in the murky winds

She moves again/ Cross her desert sand
Until she came to a familiar place
Aged yet sturdy in its original architecture
She stood admiring its strength and beauty
A pyramid of ancient loves…
Eyes closed as she drew in the energy of its riches
Remembering the feeling of security
This temple…. Was in essence her own
She stood tall
She remembered to embrace the harsh realities of heavy winds
The cold nights and abrasive days
Upon opening her eyes in the darkened corner of her tomb
She healed herself …tears creating watery passage
Providing new light and direction
She headed home…
In the distance her footprints were not lost to the heavy sands…
She felt new love…understanding her journey was not endless so…

She moves again/Cross her desert sand
She built the land/ Across the hearts of man
Watering her soul/ With tears she cried for them
Self love has grown/ So, the rain she pours sent
Happiness again.


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