Undone -Luvleeh Poetiklocks


I cut the umbilical cord to my oppressors
They birthed enough pain
No longer drowning in amniotic fluid
I walk down a dusty road with wind storms of infection
My hand holds tight to my stomach…
I am hunched over, lungs gasping for air
My breath struggling to keep me alive
As I cut life support when the cord severed
I no longer need mockery; disbelief; and failure
I cling to the life worth saving…
You no longer eat for me
Breath for me
Furling my success
I am undone

Stumbling, I carry on til I can stand upright again
Snipped are the past troubles
Their nutrients no longer ruin
My rite to passage for control
Control over my course
A journey of illusions
I live outside my contusions
Bruises from words I thought could never hurt
But your words were sharp
Beating and probing my heart
I had to come out ….
I once looked up to you…
But now I see what others depredation
Can do to self deprecation
When you no longer believe their lies
The blood dries
I am undone

Feet crumbling against rolling stones
Cracked yet still carrying forward
Bearing the weight of this body
Knees crying out in soreness
Eyes squinting into the heated terrain
Deserted but never alone
Clinging to my mind
It is my only friend here
I cannot trust the thoughts of passersby
When they come in flashbacks of what once was
They are simply figments of a degraded mental
They do not exist
Mouth thirsting for water
As much as the heart desires change
And I trudge …
I am undone

(c) 2011 Leandrea Luvleeh Poetiklocks Hill. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of this work in any form without written consent of author.


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