Love Knows –Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Love Knows
Shimmering death clouds cover her in blackened rainbows of colorless defeat
She once brought a multitude of personality
a ménage of blues, purples, greens, yellows, oranges and reds…
But those colors are now faded like aged paintings on dusty walls of her past
She’s past the age of remembrance
as dementia covers her thoughts in distorted flashbacks of happiness…
she doesn’t know my name……..
So I sit and watch her tell stories
As she refers to me as an old friend from her youth……
I don’t correct her ….for this is her perfection
Perfect in every demented tale….
I rather see her smile then see her frail
when a frown covers in a confused state like sunless mornings….
Mood swings frightened into anger
Some days she’s give up on longevity
As she gets closer to its physicality
That life is only as long as the last breath…
Her body has changed… once youthful and strong
Carries lines rippling across her side
A twisting road to her age….
She no longer walks the same
So I carry her or rather she leans on me….
When she asks to see the porch and feel the breeze against her skin…
I will miss this….
I will miss her laughter
I will miss all she has to offer love
For she taught me the meaning of such words
So I’ll continue to write poems…
Poetic tales like her stories she leaves in my heart
Words never too far from fantasy….
Where the pyramid of her journey begins…
It’s her reality….
Cosmically crafted on dreams…
Alone we sit gazing…
Playing tag with time…
Never knowing…
Yet believing in each moment we have….
She may not know who I am some days….
But that’s ok….
I know who she is ….
So I look past her death clouds…
I know her rainbow shines…
It reflects itself inside
Holding the wrinkled hand of my lover…
Stroking the sun with peace…
I’ve known love…
For love has always known me…

(c) 2011 Leandrea Luvleeh Poetiklocks Hill. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of this work in any form is permitted without written consent from the author.


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