A response to ” The holidays are the biggest fraud to holidays PERIOD” on FB

Here is the link to that sparked the following responses :http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=180363428644774

I respect this man and his thoughts as he is a fellow poet. However I have decided to post my response on my blog for others to see….

To some they may be offended by this blog; but however I am not. Yes my “immediate” family sees each other sporadically throughout the year and my extended family well…. like you said no one has died in the past few years, although my grams was visiting for over a month last month. But, when it comes to the holidays one can choose whether to utilize that time to see family or not. I think fraudulent would be someone who solely comes for the feasting of foods or receiving of gifts. It is the 2 times in a year where families can have reunions….
I think this blog says a lot on the “fraudulent” side for the simple fact that it bothers you possibly with your own family. If people took time to build quality days year round like you mentioned the holiday would not be so overrated. What makes it overrated are the commercials and such-
I am contemplating not even going to visit my family on this day just to boycott the commercialism behind such holidays.
Never the less I do not knock anyone or their families who choose to share in a time of sharing, love and feasting. The few things that represent Thanksgiving.
You must also consider that many families only get these few days off in the year b/c most folks work daily to make a living…Heck my father is working on Thanksgiving! So, if it means for families to remember the joys of being a family more “publicly” on this day by making claims to see each other…. then you know what more power to them…at least they remember the importance of love…and in the end …if you have that…those other minuscule things you speak of….well they have no weight.Such as…not supporting lifestyles etc…. b/c honestly in the end …. it doesn’t matter – I dealt w/ this in my own family…and we still show and have love….and feast every holiday w/ family and friends…..

OK so the above is my response and I stand by it. It simply means that celebrating the holiday can be overrated… not for families… but for the fact that there are ppl who will wake on these mornings w/o families / home/ food searching for even a stranger to share with. Why get mad if one wants to share with his/her family regardless of what happened over the year? This is a time for ppl to forgive and build as one unit.

We cannot pick who are families are….only who we marry and even that nowadays becomes a circus trip… but if these families wish to celebrate the holidays together; crazy and all…;heck it’s what makes us human . We like to be communal! But while you complain about why you don’t like so & so…or what so & so did to you this year or last holiday….remember tomorrow aint promised nor are the loved ones which you complain about. Remember people everywhere are suffering , hell and some ppl don’t even even have the holiday to celebrate, while others still are homeless and hungry!

Be thankful. Be joyous. Be forgiving. Do not take into the new year what can be resolved on this year. Remember the things you’ve overcome as a family. I know I do ….even when ppl in my family touch my nerves! LMAO! because in the end…


Happy Thanksgiving

Whether you celebrate alone with family; for commercial or not! Just be thankful! and don’t forget….feed a hungry family while you are at it…DONATE!!!! (Year round to the  Salvation Army or Good Will ( the latter is my fav!)


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