Loctician Ayana Card

Greetings my luvleehlies,

It has been a lil minute since I posted a blog and I am delighted to be back in the mix. I had a long vacation which I’ll discuss in another post{{{sometime later lol}}}. Right now it’s about my latest network- AYANA CARD licensed cosmetologist and professional EXPERIENCED natural hair cosmetologist.

I had the privilege to host Sleuth Pro Presents Lyrics this past weekend Nov.13 2010, where I met such wonderful talent from the Poughkeepsie NY area.Featured poetess  GOLD did her thing that night on the mic along with other poets who graced the stage. The event was at the Cubby Hole and it was filled with amazing local talent in the audience as well,  from Culinary Institute students, to hard working professionals and Ms. Card.

She is a young black professional who introduced herself with an amazingly joyful energy that quickly unfolded into her wonderful personality. Complimented with a smile, she told me how excited she was to have come to such an event, where individuals can release, relate and enjoy poetry. She also informed me of her gifts as well.

She spoke of the many years experience she has as a natural hair cosmetologist. This truly drew in on my attention given my hair is truly in need of some love!!!! I was honored to meet such a profound woman with such a long history in hair care. She relocated to the Poughkeepsie NY area where she is currently practicing her profession.

So often people from my home town have to go into the city to receive “quality” hair care but not anymore. We have a quality professional right here at home to take care of all our natural hair needs. (((or for those visiting right here in the Poughkeepsie area))) Please check out her links Natural Alternatives and Ayana\’s Alternative Hair Care and see for yourself. “Her work was featured in several magazines such as BRAIDS AND BEAUTY, HYPE HAIR, MOLASSES, JIOVE and more! Ayana continues to Work and Publish her styles and has opened her own Natural Hair Care Business, NATURAL ALTERNATIVES.”

I am so blessed to have her in my life now. My hair has grown to a point I can’t manage it alone. Please make note my hair appointment is Dec 10th! I will update this blog with pics! Be sure to make your appointment today. She is creative as poetry and artistic as a canvas with a 1000 strokes…. I present to you all Ayana Card, Loctician / Natural Hair Cosmetologist… my stylist! Every artist should have one!!!!!

Natural Alternatives

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Continuing to Spread Unity Through Poetry…

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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