Poem: The Voices

The Voices


The blood dripped from her tips

The smeared prints lined the sheets where he grabbed

For his life

And lost it in between the pillows

Where his screams muffled the horrific cries of a dying lover

She was tired

The night crawled in as shadows cast their crimpling images across

The dusty walls

As yellowish moonlight flickered against the burning candles

On the night stand…

She raised the candle holder to the ceiling

Throwing it across the room towards the picture

that once captured their love

She smiled a crooked smile of defeat…

His echoes screamed into her head…

As butcher knife lashes repeatedly played in her mind

Like a marathon of blackened memories… blood soaked and

She smiled a crooked smile of defeat…

Eyes crazed as a jack-o-lantern…

Fire consuming the room…

She let love

Break into her mind

Like spiders in a web of carcasses

She was entangled in what she felt was reality

When the voices…

Cried out kill him…


(c) 2010 Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All Rights Reserved.

This was a writing challenge for Halloween for the group Rapoetry (Rap-paah-tree) on FB.


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