We Created Love

This morning I got up reassured that everything is created in its right light. I am refreshed to find peace in my current creation- My Relationship with Barron Davis. It’s amazing how life sends you on an amazing journey to mold you into the right person for your soulmate.

I’ve decided to take you on an extremely quick journey over the years of love, so you can understand the transition that has lead me to feel secure in my current relationship.

The Beginning– I was too afraid to reach out and share with any man, or woman for that matter, my affections for them because I feared rejection. So, I lingered in the “possibility” of dating for so long that it kept me in the “friends only” status.

The Middle- I was always chasing love so fast that I always tripped over my feet. I never took the time to find out what I really wanted for myself. I never knew self love; genuinely. I accepted everything in my life that was less than my true worth. No offense to anyone who I’ve dated- because during those times those relationships were in their rightful place in my journey. They helped me to better understand my likes and dislikes in a relationship. They molded me into a new woman. One who knows her heart first. One who over-stands self love. It took a few years to dust  and sculpt, but I was and AM happy with the results. Even though I still was running from my true heart’s desires- Loving another POET! I always said I would never date or think of dating a poet. {Ask anyone who truly knows me.} But, I realized this is not remaining true to myself, so I sought God.

The End- I now start my life with God, the Goddess within me, self love, and over-standing that I am a whole woman- that I desire a whole man. A man that knows love, who like me was sculpted over the years to know his true heart’s desires and love himself fully. I learned to not fight what God has for me, although I tried. I allowed love to trap me inside it’s intricate web and keep me. I actually wrote out the characteristics of the man I desired to have as a soul mate. The one I will love for eternity beyond physical death. I waited for the right moment where my heart burst and my spirit took over. In that moment I realized I love Barron. I loved him for genuinely and freely loving me. I remembered the list I wrote of  “My Soul Mate” and I shared it with him without saying what it was at first. He thought I read something he wrote about himself somewhere. I knew then he is the one for me; that I loved him.

The funny thing was this came after I interviewed him for “Luvleeh Poet of the Week”, but many of my friends and fellow poets noticed it within my writings long before. I am not afraid to share my love with my peers. I find in doing so it enables others to trust their hearts and souls and be free to love. No matter gender or societies thoughts- love freely. I know we had to deal with some people not approving our union, but we never allowed it to interfere with God’s plans for our love. We created love together.

I am ready for love as India Arie says…so I invite it to wrap me; keep me warm in the winter and dance with me in the spring. We created this love because we have placed all the right pieces together. We create our hearts as one. He shows me true love. Love like God’s love. So, for that, I am beyond grateful and extremely blessed.

Simple pics of Barron and Luvleeh

In conclusion, no matter how hard you try to run- the more you create the love your heart desires; eventually you will run smack into love. When it happens embrace it and know it as being  truly God given. You can create your bliss. Just remember to trust it.


Spreading Unity Through Poetry.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill

P.S. I love you Barron Davis. 😉


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