Luvleeh Poet of The Week- Barron “The Poet” Davis

Luvleeh Poet of the Week- Barron “The Poet” Davis

The Luvleeh Poet of the Week is Barron Davis also known as The Poet. This Thomasville, NC native, is a modern day storyteller, who now resides in High Point, NC. His poetry is very descriptive; filled with imagery that paints words with strokes of crafted language; yet is written for the common man. He calls himself the people’s poet; which is also the title to one of his poems.

The following is an exclusive interview I conducted with him late on Oct 7th, 2010. He greeted the conversation with a humbling hello; slightly shy to receive my questions as he’s more of a private type of guy.

Luvleeh Poetiklocks: Greetings and welcome to Poetik Rendevous’s Exclusive Interview with Luvleeh Poetiklocks. Thank you for joining me. How are you on this late night?

The Poet: I’m doing well. Thanks for having me it’s an honor. I’m honored man, yes honored.


LP: I am going to jump right on in as I always do- and ask the question all the ladies want to know are you single?

The Poet: Ah …yes and no…. yes, in the sense that technically yes I am single. No, because I have something in the works. Hint hint, wink wink.


LP: {{ Giggle}} Well, now that that’s out the way. Hint hint, wink wink. So, when did you first start writing, in general, poetry and prose, or even music?

The Poet: Well, my passion for writing has always been there; ever since I was able to write. I remember …reading Cat in the Hat– Dr. Suess books and being inspired by it. I remember, I used rhymes with the fat pencil, barely being able to write my name, but still trying to write ridiculous words that rhyme. My passion for poetry really sparked when I was …in junior high school. I had to do a book report on Langston Hughes. I researched him and his work…I remember being inspired by him and Edgar Allen Poe.  It was truly interesting and inspired me to write poetry.


LP:  What’s your muse? Where is your favorite place to write?

The Poet: Well, I’m glad you asked me that. My muse is life in general.  Life is my canvas. I take different experiences from life in general whether it’s pain; joy; or just …observant of life. Life inspires me to write; things that happen in life. My favorite place to go to write is not too far from my home. It’s a place that reeks of decay; of a prosperity that once was; now it’s like a vacant graveyard. I go to this place and sit on the stoop. Beyond this place are railroad tracks where you can see the sun set and horizon very clearly. It’s so desolate. …Nobody’s out there. So, I go to this place, sometimes not even to write, just think. When I go there to write, my thought process just clicks; I’m inspired immediately. When I have writer’s block, my words just flow.


LP: I love how you describe blight versus beauty; blight being disarray; beauty being in its right form and time. It reminds me of a course I took in grad school. We had to go around and find a comparison where on one side of the street is blight and the other is beauty. Your writing place is a blight and beauty place.

The Poet: I go to this place and I can hear the echoes of former prosperity. It was once grand. You know … people used to work there. Now it is a vacant tomb.

He went to further describe “off the record” this place and I must say the descriptive details within this private location truly do capture the ambiance of a writer’s special place. He often writes of this place in his poetry. It reflects some of the things he desires in life; the prosperity within the history of this place.

Back to the interview:

LP: You’ve given me a lot of insight to your form/ style. What are some of your favorite poems? Why?

The Poet: I love all my work equally; I treat all my poetry like children. However- I will choice “Pierce My Heart” because of the imagery; certain emotions and the place I was in at the time. Also, “Lady Lynise” because of the imagery and what it’s about… it’s personal.


LP: So, are you planning to write a book of poetry in the upcoming year? Or venture into spoken word?

The Poet: Yes, I do aspire to write a book. {laughing} as well as go out to more venues.


LP: What do you aspire to achieve through your poetry?

The Poet:  I already feel fulfilled. I feel like I’ve set out to do what I’ve done – because… I set out to inspire people. I write poetry for the people. I write poetry that people can relate to, even if one person reads it and gets it. If they can say “I can relate to what this dude is trying to say. I went through this… this same {thing}”. Then that’s good. My job is done. I don’t aspire to be this big guy in cafés, or Poet Laureate of the United States …reciting something he wrote in front of the President. I don’t aspire for that, not that I’m not a dreamer. I’m a huge dreamer but… my poetry is for the people. It’s for the person who doesn’t dream. It’s for the person who feels hopeless; for the person who feels like they aren’t {good enough}, like “why am I here?” That’s who I write for.  I write to motivate people, I write something that people can relate to. I know I’ve said it a million times. So, I feel like my goal is already accomplished.


LP: Do you have any other talents besides writing?

The Poet: Music. I feel song writing is another passion of mine; second to poetry as well as playing the guitar.

LP: Is there anything special you would like to share with those who read this interview?

The Poet: I want to be to people, what music was to me, when I couldn’t talk to people.  I want to be able to reach their soul. Also… Never stop dreaming. I would like to also acknowledge The Slayer, you encourage us all.


LP: Thank you The Poet for joining me. I look forward to seeing more of your work and accomplishments in the future.  That concludes our exclusive interview with Barron The Poet by Luvleeh Poetiklocks.  Remember to always keep the Unity Through Poetry flowing. Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment.

Upon completing the interview, I found myself scrolling through much more of the poetry written by Barron The Poet. I find that many people are able to relate to his works, as he mentioned. Through his poetry, he speaks of life in a way that gives longevity to a moment; yet these ever lasting memories are forged into our minds with such eloquent vernacular; that all those who read his work will be inspired. I too have had the privilege to collaborate with this artist. Please see “Falling Back” within my FB notes and be sure to add him on Facebook as well. He can be found under Barron The Poet Davis.

This concludes my Luvleeh Poet of the Week-/ Exclusive Interview with  Barron The Poet.

Be sure to follow up on future reports of Luvleeh Poet of the Week’s and Exclusive Interviews. Who will be next? Will it be you?

Spreading Unity Through Poetry

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill



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