The Changing Seed

This was the first story I ever wrote in 2nd grade Mrs. Schmidt’s Class at GAMS in Newburgh NY. My mom found it cleaning this morning… I laughed when she read it b/c I remembered it. Enjoy and laugh too.

The Changing Seed

This morning I found a seed on my front porch. I picked it up and went outside and suddenly it turned into a bike. I got on it and rode to school. And after school the bike turned in to a dog. So I went home with the dog and then the dog turned in to a pencil. Then I started to do my homework. After my homework it turned into a girl. So I played with her. Then it was time for dinner. The girl turned into a fork, knife, and spoon. After dinner it was time for bed. So the fork, knife and spoon turned into a pillow. That night the pillow turned back into a seed  and disappeared. The next morning I started to cry and one of my tears turned into the seed and I was so happy. But it was only a simple dream!

The End.

Tell me that wasn’t so cute. kids have such an imaginative mind. I’m blessed to be able ot go back to this place as an adult and share those things that create blissful memories for others as it did me in my own youth. Thanks for reading .




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