{Poem} The Accused

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The Accused


He was accused of killing her.

From the blood that stained

the walls and sheets in

his white washed world.

He bowed his head


The prosecutor surely finding him guilty.

She was known to the

community for being such a prominent figure

But her fingers, scratched into his face

The night he chased after her into the garage

One last time.

She screamed at the top of her lungs…


Roll the clocks back…


Smiles exchanged in warm embrace

Love engaging the pier

Where water washed against

the shore harder than lovers exchanging blows

She was in love…

He molded her heart

So she blocked the rhythm of his steady beat

Kept it out of sync from his own

Fear of having what she always wanted

He sensed her trepidation

Reassurance that amore was all they

needed to move to next level…


Flash forward…


Stalking letters

Appearances at the job…

Public displays of affection

Now turn to rejection as fists

carry with them the truth that love

no longer lives here…

Yet lovers never part…

Neighbors aware of sobbing crashes

Glass thrown

Plates shattering

Babies wake in the night

Police notified

But no responses

No protection

Lovers …

That’s what they were

Along late night dances

with fists and cigarette smoke coating

their dreams

Misty eyed drunken soul

She gave in to learned activity


She shot and missed


He turned and grabbed

the gun from her hands…

Sick of her continued bashing

Domestic struggles in the darkened society

As she ran;

Then turned clawing face

He shot her straight

in the forehead

Her thoughts now cascaded down his cheek..

Blood red and full of blackened fury

He dropped the gun.

His hand wiped the brains from his face

The same one she beat nightly in drunken rages

Afraid to love the man

who showed no emptiness in his passionate heart

He loved her enough to love her in death;

To save his own life and part.


Court room…


Hand cuffs chain link this man

Steel gates await his arrival

But with no regrets;

Accused of

Domestic violence

Because he killed a drunk bashing female.




(c) 2010 Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All rights reserved.


This was written in the likes of another poet’s artistic flow.{{The Challenge}}

For those who know my work it’s a bit of a twist and I enjoyed applying it to such a write.

Keeping the Unity Through Poetry


Also in keeping with my slogan for this month…. “L.O.V.E- Love Over Violence Everyday” please check the following::


For more info about Domestic Violence Awareness with men and women please see:






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