Olden Days & Voyage of Vibrations

It’s amazing how two ppl can hear the same song yet create two very different masterpieces from the muse. While Ustreaming, MistressGem and I came across the song Georgia by Cee-lo

Take a listen then come back….

Ok now that you’ve heard the muse…. read what came from it as it played.

Enjoy. *unity through poetry*

Olden Days by Luvleeh Poetiklocks

Feeling the links of olden days

Dirt roads carry me back to the cotton fields of yesterday

And I link to my ancestral beat of their feet

As sacks filled with money they never received…

I smell the smoke of houses burning meat…

And I long for the taste of salted delicacies …

From my father’s home I am sitting on the porch… watching the slaves come from the basement

His home was apart of the underground train….

And I know my family held the caboose to the last running feet….

Jump from the track…. Onto the rail….

Freeing self… for northern living….

Longing to go back and get big mama from the big house… she’s cooking up a storm…

Enter the back door…

Kids roam…

Floured face… biscuits rising…

Making butter by the back step…

I see how rich I am…

My people built their wealth on the backs of opportunity….

Feet dancing… we parade the thought of freedom…

I live for unity…

Though my roots trace back to the inequalities of oppression…

Still I live on…

Change evolving the spirit within…

I live for love… and give to man…

For God showed me olden days…

And olden days are golden rays of my joy.

Voyage of Vibrations by Poetess MistressGem

We both know our designated structured steps

But then the music strikes up something within,

The passion that drives the drummer of a different beat.

The beat varies as it hits deep for all of us,

Marching to the internal drummers that

Somehow all work like synchronized swimmers.

Down the mixed terrain trail we go.

Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we run,

But we are always keeping tempo with the movement.

Your movement compliments mine,

And as one ends another begins,

The extended line of catastrophic notes.

From one bar to the next, they follow each of us.

All on a different clef, but composed simultaneously.

Blend together making an orchestrated life.

Moving in and out of other’s lives

Bumping, partnering, avoiding.

Always impacting another.

Whether by chance or coincidence,

Unseen vibrations influence our auras.

Touch, tease, change the common atmosphere.

Dance with me

Dance against me.

Just make sure you dance.

Olden Days (c) 2010 Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All rights reserved.

Voyage of Vibrations (c) 2010 Natasha “MistressGem” Guy. All Rights reserved.

CHeck out MistressGems Blog here~MistressGem\’s Blog


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