Luvleeh Thoughts on 9-29-10

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Luvleeh Thoughts for today:


1) It is very important to getyour works copyrighted. It is very important to do this. Use the above site as a way to copyright your works for free or check out the Library of Congress.

2) I was notified that my link  “Finding Your Voice” was featured on Find Your Abstract Factor. How awesome is that? I am honored to have my link be apart of such an amazing site. The Writer’s Block Newsletter is such a great newsletter on an amazing site.Check out This site I find is very uplifting to the artist and people in general. It “was formed to provide aspiring writers who struggle with the process of constructing their first published work of art. We strive to help writers who want to become a self publishesd author.”- The Writer’s Block. So please check out the site and subscribe.

3) Continue being apart of a greater plan and universe will do the rest.-L.P

I am grateful to start an annual workshop with my mother called “Finding Your Voice”. It is a workshop that takes place in March for Women’s History. Our first was March 2010. It specializes in giving women the opportunity to find their voice. What they can contribute to their community/ nation/ world, through the arts. Our next one is TBC for 2011. We are looking to venture to new cities each year upon sponsorship.

4) I found a great website for writers :The Writer Network it is truly like the FB of writers. I absolutely love it. You should drop through and take a look it will be the best place to find writers/ poets such as yourself. There are wonderful links to nation wide poetry venues so you can even plan your vacations according to it. 😉 How awesome!

5) I also have another website for writers that continues to bring unity to the artist. It also has opportunities for becoming a Maddpoets Host. Check out Madd Poets. It too creates an avenue for the artist.

Those are my Luvleeh Thoughts for today. I do hope you check out the links. Have a blissful day. Remember it’s up to you to create your success. starting with an idea… acting on faith… making the right moves towards accomplishing your goals. Create, make, enjoy!

Spreading Unity through poetry~

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill

Dropping in to encourage everyone to maintain their path, that although some days the dust will rise… the path still continues forward… trust that where your feet are placed… You will be grounded. ~Luvleeh Thought


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