Poem: Poet to Poet

Poet to Poet

He wraps his thoughts around my being

The everyday moments linger in his consciousness

As I subconsciously draw out his emotions

I tap on his cerebrum with my laughter

And tickle his excogitative mind

He’s a poet

and though previously I drew

the line, before the first drop of ink

graced my page …

I find myself allowing it to stain

the sheet,  before my heart

and write across my soul

He’s reaching me

in ways I didn’t want to exist before

for fear I might enjoy it

The perverse thoughts of a mind scorned by her own demise

I shatter the past… allowing

his stroke, to contrive new ways to build relations…

And yet; his touch has never crossed my delicate skin

But his voice penetrates me daily

His words linger in my head

Like cerebral orgasms

in a full body culminating journey through his universe

And I… his imploding star

take in his gentle and comforting presence

bringing forth a connection… greater than a supernova

And I trust

that his words are honest as I feel inside

And I know

It’s worth the opportunity to draw in on this man

For poets we can build lives on words…

But to live on his words, and still find room to paint

A painterly expression of companionship




Yet I’m willing to take the second hand

And chase his first

Through minutes of momentous adventure

Just to find that everything I ran from in the past…

was now ahead of me

For now it is brought to me after I sought my own understanding

So my heart; knows when to give in

And enjoy the run…

As scarlet lilies dance in the breeze,

And honey bees vibrate their wings…

And we…

Take on the path towards peaceful loving longevity…

Coupled in poetic bliss…

(c) 2010 Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill.  All rights reserved.


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