Flowers and Their Symbolism

Cherry Blossom

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education, feminine beauty, sexuality, principle & love.”
I want to welcome all the newest members of this group{ A Luvleeh Poetiklocks Experience (Supporters) on FB}. I am honored that ppl would come together and be apart of this blissful journey towards poetic unity. *Unity Through Poetry* as well as support my works, be it poetry, jewelry, paintings etc…{{{See Notes &  Luvleeh Doodles in my photo albums on FB Request me Luvleeh Poetiklocks on FB}}}
My book’s title is Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Volume 1 & 2 . I chose this title because many of my writes encompass those vary things which symbolize a cherry blossom.  This being said, I want to share the next Luvleeh Writing Experience with you all.
I enjoy symbolism in my writes as well as crafty metaphors etc…Imagery is very important to me~
“For as artist we paint with our minds; and the words became strokes across the canvas of our notebooks…” Luvleeh Poetiklocks
So, I have created a simple writing experience that you can try, especially new writers who have joined the group.
Flowers and Their Symbolism: Writing Experience #2
Here you will find the actual topic discussion.
If you do not wish to participate but are looking to use more concrete “floral” images in your works beyond the cliched “Rose”… see the following link.
Continue drafting your writes into expressive paintings.
Keeping Unity Through Poetry
Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment
Luvleeh Poetiklocks

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