God Never Left Me

Just a note: I acknowledge God as Him/He; please note I respect if you do not acknowledge Him in the like…. but He is the Most High and holds many names.

Before going to a church revival:

Funny … a car hit(rear ended) us( me and my mom) hard today… but nothing was damaged…and no one hurt…I was grateful …and invited the young woman and her husband to my mom’s retirement **giggle** sometimes you never know what someone else is going through… we had just left the very Veteran’s Hospital she was going to to see him(her husband)… Thinking back…. ***God has a bigger plan*** sometimes just being a kind heart and a warm hug is just what another needs~ ***feeling good***

I went to a church revival tonight. I hadn’t been to a church service in some many months. I was truly going against the grain. Something I once said is~> not every truth is your truth; I’ve come to understand this so much.

Funny thing is~>I do understand… God is real…. and he’s never left me…..

The truth that was NOT real was that I was alone/ or handling things {{life}} alone.

The distance I felt at times was my own separation… I know God is truly within me when I acknowledge Him within me.

It felt good to use my awareness to the vast love of God. He truly has filtrated my life in such a way…. that all this research has only drawn me closer to him.

I was fighting so hard tonight not to receive my blessing until the God within me began to speak to my soul; such words I so desperately needed.It spoke of my life changes I am about to make; my family and life as a whole. It was said that I am their strength…. which means a lot in regards to my mom. Especially with this poem on the 25th of Sept.

Well I just want to say briefly— I love God; and {{He}} I; it was nice to be in God’s place before my birthday….I find it’s all I need to have happiness.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment



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