Poetry Contest Winner

“…Can’t find safety in our homes
Cause the streets some days feel safer
Cause the gunshots make their rounds clearer
As you get closer to the fighters
‘Til you see who holds the trigger
Small hand, Small faces, sh- it’s someone’s little brother
All works together cause black on black
Done spread to black on other…”
“Gun Shots Pt 1”- Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Vol 1
~Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill
Greetings Supporters,
It has been quite a while since I’ve been able to connect. I am pleased to be “back online”- I am beyond thrilled that the group is continuously growing. We are at 300 members and growing strong. Unity Through Poetry is touching the lives of artists and supporters every where.
Continue plugging your links for your works/ music/ writing tips /videos and more. Also please share this group with others.
I want to thank all of you who have pushed U.T.P. by supporting your fellow artists… I will posting some new pics in the near future of my poetry winning 😉 books received and more.
I am pleased to announce I am August’s 1st Place Winner through Jodi’s Artistic Joint’s Poetry Contest for my poem “Illuminated Reflections”:
See My Winnings for proof!!! More pics will be added later. Be sure to join Jodi’s group. I am honored to share the word that Joanna OrJustplain Jodi is truly creating a platform for artists to express themselves creatively & win *fabulous prizes* through her poetry contests. I will be posting more info through my group page as she hosts these contests monthly! Will you be the next Jodi’s Artistic Joint’s Winner???Check out her page for more info!!!
See my Notes  on FB {{Search Luvleeh Poetiklocks and add me}}} for the actual poem.
If you are not on my friends list you must request an add.
Again, this blog represents those that support both my work and Unity Through Poetry. Continue to reach out and let your voice be heard as I do daily.
Create your bliss and watch it grow….
Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment,
Luvleeh Poetiklocks

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