Blissful Moments

Today has been such a blissful day. I woke to feel such love filtering to each element of my cells. It spoke to my heart…. The energy of the most high. Spirit. Spirit warmed my soul.

First, I woke with laughter. I made a video of my silliness late last night.  The joy from it stayed with me. Hearing “Golden” by Jill Scott for 5 hours straight can do something to your spirit indeed. Check out the video  The Silly Golden Side to Luvleeh.

Then I went downstairs to find every window open and the curtains tied up. Light caressed every piece of my home. I thanked God for the sun shining brightly. Then, out of no where my mom passes me a handful of pics. I was too tickled- they were pics from my childhood some I had never seen. I find that the more I embrace my youth… the more it comes back to me in both memory and pictures. Its as though the blacked out past…now has a glowing essence protecting it.

Anyway, I then went online and saw an amazing video about a 8month old baby, who was brought to consciousness.

Just a few things to remember to be happy about life… for it is precious in every way.


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