Spice Up Your Relationship


“…your tongue oscillating my mind

And words escape…

In lascivious orgiastic cry …”

Excerpt from “Every Time I Close My Eyes” by Luvleeh Poetiklocks

I woke up again with poetry on my mind, so I decided to create another video of my latest piece on youtube. “Every Time I Close My Eyes”.

I ask that if you are a youtuber to subscribe, comment, and re post to other sites to be viewed. Thanks so much for your support. It’s all Unity Through Poetry.

This piece speaks to those intimate moments with the one you love. So often we neglect the little moments that making loving our significant other worthwhile. These moments spice up the relationship by creating more ways to make love. Now I understand my poem focuses on the “physical” aspect of making love; however being romantic to spice a relationship is not all about “getting it in”. That is simply a small portion of the relationship.

I will list a few things and suggestions that you can try that will spice up your relationship and keep the romance flowing. Remember it’s those little things- the things that show you put some thought into it, that matter most. {{{They make licking your s/o ear all the more exciting.*giggle*}}}

The Simple Ways to Show I Love (Care for) You

  • Call your local radio and request your favorite song. { Fun way to propose too, if you are into music.}
  • Create a poster for her/him with images of all you’ve done together.
  • On your lunch break, go to your s/o job and leave a “Thinking of You” note on their dash. {Better than an email….it’s the effort.}
  • A Surprise Vacation from home for the weekend— it can even be a really nice hotel in the area, simply book the largest suite.
  • On the actual date of your lover’s birthday give them a special card, and one single flower or sweet { like chocolate or have a gourmet cupcake made to say “Each month you grow more beautiful”} i.e. My born day is 9/27, so on the 27th of each month.
  • Mail your s/o an invitation to meet you at a local restaurant for a special night out. Formal attire a must. {{{remember the effort.}}}
  • For those of you with kids: Take the kids out for the day, while he/she gets spa treatment. Then come together and go to the park.
  • Go to your local arts and craft store; and make a silk flower arrangement that says “Thinking of you” { ask for assistance if need be}  incorporate their favorite color with yours OR gentlemen: you can purchase beads and create a necklace, bracelet, earring set for her.{{The Effort}}
  • So, your s/o likes to read a lot? Create a small chapbook of thoughts and poems. Print it out and give it to them. Only one copy and it’s just for you!
  • Put an ad in the paper that your s/o likes to read, when you leave for the weekend on a business trip. Make sure you do it well in advance, so it shows after you leave. “I want you to know, I’m always with you no matter where I am.- Love “Harmony””
  • Paint a picture representing your feelings.
  • Make a love playlist and email it to her. {Playlist.com}
  • Make a video. {Youtube.com} In it you can put in the small things that you may sometimes forget to say.
  • Invite your s/o parents over for a romantic dinner with your parents/or with their s/o’s. {Surrounding yourself with ppl who care for each other will strengthen your own relationship.}

I will post more ways to be romantic in the future. Enjoy trying these small things to make your relationship wonderful and continuously floating on romance. Every time you close your eyes …. You should dream about making love, when all this is manifesting for you.

Thanks for your continued support. Have a romantic day!

Keeping the Unity Through Poetry.

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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