Luvleeh Thought: All I Want Is

Sakura of Fukushima-e (福島江のサクラ)

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“All I want is…

Conversation in the next day

Where we dialogue

about making primitive decisions

to become motivations

uplifting those who intercede into our matrix

knowing life is truly what you make it

and we are making endless possibilities….”

-Excerpt from Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Volume 1

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


I have taken the time to post another poem to my group, A Luvleeh Poetiklocks Experience (Supporters).Please request me and join or vise versa ;). I am actively bringing more of my works to video format. I am enjoying this journey and encourage those of you with the tools to create videos to try it. I know I am not an expert; however I know enough of the basics, if you are interested but don’t know how to create simple videos. I will share with you. Email me @

For simple videos such as the one seen here.” All I Want is”

I find it creates an ambiance of what you are portraying in your write. I have posted the full length poem in video format of the above excerpt.{{see above link}} I linked it through my youtube. If you have an account on youtube, please subscribe, add me as a friend and re-post on other sites. I am much appreciative.

“In other news”{{giggle}}

I am pleased to see that people are trying the Luvleeh Writing Experience “Challenges”{{{see group page link}}}. They are a wonderful way to expand your writing/ artistic abilities. Please post your writes/art.

Lastly, invite your friend to become a part Unity Through Poetry Movement. My main focus is not to expand for my sole purpose— it is to give more writers/poets/ artists a stage to get exposure through Unity Through Poetry.* Supporting each other is half the journey. This is truly a movement. I thank all those who even beyond FB emulate this mantra.

Continue to strive for your greatness. It is reflected in you and those around you. Evolve daily.

Keeping the Unity Through Poetry.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Luvleeh Poetiklocks


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