Luvleeh Thoughts

“The necessity to write
Not a simple haiku
Not a sonnet
Or villanelle
Just the desire to get back the pen
And trust it to the paper
That my thoughts will flow with ease….”
-Excerpt “Necessity to Write” – Sakura: A Luvleeh Experience Volume 1
Good Afternoon all,
I am excited to announce I have brought back “Luvleeh Poet’s of the Week”. I plan to write a weekly blog (if not bi monthly) of a poet I wish to spotlight. Some of you remember when I used to post these in my FB status. Well I’ve made it easier for those artist to find their write ups, by linking them through my blog here, Poetik Rendezvous.
This week’s spotlight is AnJahla Luvs~She is a new poetess but a long time writer/songstress.

Angela R Brantley "AnJahLa Luvs"

Also, remember to check the Luvleeh Writing Experience #1 in the Discussions Section and post your writes/ art on the Facebook group page. (See link)
Last, anything that you desire is at your fingertips; regardless of what it is your desire….desire growth, financial overflow, friendships, love anything… but remember light begets light~ so illuminate your life.
A Luvleeh Thought
Keep the Unity Through Poetry
Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment,
Luvleeh Poetiklocks

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